How to Successfully Treat your Partner for the Holidays

A couple shares gifts for the Holidays

The festive season intensifies the flame of love. During this time of the year we are more emotional and receptive, surrounded by the magical Holidays spirit. To celebrate it, we give presents to each other and appreciate our bonds. That is why it is so important to show absolute love to your partner, the person with whom you share your whole life.

This week at Style Konsult we are giving you some tips on how to successfully treat your partner for the Holidays and surprise your loved one. Follow our advice to become the most thoughtful, attentive and considerate man in the world this festive season.


After all, the most important thing is that the gift you prepare for your partner is meaningful and full of positive intention. The caring and nice message you have to convey with the present is that you love the other person and that you want him/her to always be happy.

When you give your loved one a gift during the Holidays, you want to see a smile and bright eyes on his/her face. That is the reaction you are looking for. Therefore, you have to think carefully about what it is that your partner loves and what gets him/her excited. Throughout your relationship, you will have gotten to know the other person thoroughly, so you have noticed their tastes, hobbies and passions. Focus on those aspects to think about the perfect present.

For example, if your partner is passionate about fashion and what he/she really wants is sophisticated and trendy clothing, you can trust Style Konsult so that the agency’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, advises him/her with detail and a personalized service to make your partner’s style evolve. The world of fashion is relevant and essential because it lets people express themselves and allows them to feel confident throughout their daily lives. For sure, you wish your loved one would always feel that way.

Style Konsult’s Gift Cards are the best option for you to let your partner choose which service he/she wants to book. From a helpful image consultation to a personal shopping service, grooming or wardrobe consultation, we offer you and your partner plenty of choices to upgrade both your style and self-esteem. We are willing to support your lovely surprise, give you bliss and make your loved one’s looks become more stylish.

Another gift that would amaze and impress your partner would be some custom-tailored clothes. Those are really special because they are created especially for that person to dress in an elegant and neat way. You could give that present to your partner as an outfit for a special date or to go eat dinner together. It is all about searching for the exceptional and purposeful meaning.

Another idea for your memorable Holidays gift to your partner would be a set of skincare products for your loved one to relax and brighten up his/her skin. Also, you could set a spa date at home with some music and candles for a cozy and pleasant evening, since the best presents are those who can be shared together.


A trend that has developed in recent years and that has been very successful is that of gifting experiences. It is true that the most remarkable memories are those of the days when you have made a unique plan with the people you love. Because of that, do not hesitate in planning an unforgettable date with your partner to give him/her a notable Holidays present.

Depending on your partner’s preferences, you can book a hotel in a paradisiacal place to travel together, eat, walk and do fun activities. Otherwise, it would be awesome scheduling a session to do an extreme sport such as skydiving and paragliding. The point is to make that memory striking and distinctive.

Of course, never forget to dress accordingly to the occasion and wear outfits that make you both super attractive to feel even better during those moments. Style Konsult’s specialty is to make you know how to pick your most suitable and fitting outfits every day. You must dress impeccably for those special dates and experiences with your loved one.

After all, what a gift awakens is a joy that lasts over time and that brings true happiness. Make sure your partner perceives that the present is loaded with love and affection.


Apart from the gift, it is highly recommended that you complement the detail you give to your partner with a letter or a cute postcard. Words of love are the most beautiful and precious thing you can gift to your loved one. Put all your honesty and soul in the words you write. You will make your partner shed tears of joy.

In the letter or postcard write what you feel for your partner and all the good that he/she brings to your life. That will move and thrill him/her to the maximum. It will not fail to make his/her heart explode. A person feels very good when receiving messages of gratitude and understands how it affects the life of the loved person for good. That is the most wonderful present.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will give you wise advice on how to dress and choose the best gifts for your partner. She has more than 20 years of experience upgrading people’s style and routines for them to impress whatever the occasion is. Following her tips, you will appear as a gentleman who is considerate and thoughtful showing love to his partner while wearing elegant outfits.

You can purchase one or various services that will be a perfect Holidays present for your partner to enhance his/her image and feel more comfortable. With services like personal shopping and wardrobe consulting, Jen will work to create the perfect outfits for your Holidays looks.

You will contribute to your loved one’s internal and external well-being. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to your partner in order to let his/her style gleam as much as yours. Those are our tricks and answers for you to know how to successfully treat your partner for the Holidays.

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