How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

You and I, we are experiencing the current outbreak of COVID-19. Many of us are now working from home due to the rapid spread of the virus. With our normal jobs, we are used to waking up early, doing our morning routine, and heading to work. Suddenly, not being in an office environment can be unmotivating since our brain has adapted that going to work is a place to focus. Life will often throw us off balance at times but this is a challenge we can overcome. Let’s being with a few arrangements.


Working from home remotely means you have a flexible schedule. In order to keep our natural work habits, it would be best to wake up at the same time you get ready for work. Think of it as waking up early like you would for a traditional job. It will increase productivity and you won’t need to make another adjustment once you are back to the office.

Then Give yourself time to get ready and ease your mind into work mode. As tempting as it may be to work in your pajamas, change into normal work clothes. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or have breakfast to get your mind rolling and ready to achieve the day.


One of the main reasons people lack motivation while working from home is due to the inability to focus. A great way to achieve that is to keep work separate from leisure. Find a suitable place in your house to dedicate your full attention to your assignments.

If you have a limit in space and you are unable to be anywhere other than your room, at least refrain from working on your bed. Sitting up at a table will help maintain your attention span to what is right in front of you.


Getting into the habit of following a schedule will motivate you to complete all your tasks in a work environment. A schedule will give you a broad perspective of how you may want to plan your day and the hours needed to complete your tasks. It gives your brain short goals to reach throughout the day and the satisfaction of one less thing to do. When you break down everything you need to complete, your mind will not be wondering about what to do next.


Even though we may be working from home, it is important to allow yourself to take breaks in between. Let your mind refresh by doing something that brings you joy. Depending on if you personally like multiple short breaks or one long break, set aside 15 minutes to 1 hour to do something you like. Since you are home, you can be more creative such as taking a 15-minutes power nap or playing with your dog (a.k.a. men’s best friend). Taking a break from work will relieve tension and allow your mind to regenerate.

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