How to Stay Connected with your Loved Ones these Holidays

A family and all the loved ones gather for the Holidays

It is already November and the Holidays are around the corner. This exciting time is the perfect occasion for you to build deeper bonds with your loved ones. This week at Style Konsult we are talking about how you can take advantage of the wonderful Holidays’ atmosphere to connect at higher levels with your family and friends. Let’s show and receive some love! Find out how to stay connected with your loved ones these Holidays.


The year is coming to its end, so everyone starts feeling nostalgic and grateful for everything they are and have. It probably happens to you, too. During the Holidays you realize that you are fortunate to be surrounded by people who values, cherishes and loves you just as you are. Balancing the good and the bad is the key to know how you have grown throughout the year and everything you have learned. Like that, it is important that you celebrate all the good which has come to you and all the lessons that have made you become a better person.

For all these reasons, the Holidays gatherings are the ideal time for you to enjoy the company of the people who are most precious to you and relax. Making it to those events and celebrations with your spirits up is essential. Make sure you are not stressed or downhearted before meeting your family and friends. Take care of your heart, mind and body to be the best version of yourself during the festive season. Have as much fun as possible while being confident. Those are the first steps to connect with your loved ones this festive season.


We tend to be very busy during our daily life. Sometimes we forget how important it is to stop and meet a relative or a true friend to catch up with them. Meeting our loved ones should not happen every once in a while like an appointment. But, it has to be a routine that brings bliss to our lives. We are social animals, and we need affection to keep going. Love is the power that keeps us alive, so we must protect it and keep it growing.

The Holidays gatherings are the best example of that. During those times, we meet our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… to feel the union and bonding of our family. All of our loved ones come together to talk and enjoy each other’s company. We all feel the delight and laughter in the air. You must not miss the occasion to talk to everyone in a close and sweet way in order to recover all the connection which has been weakening during the year. You will recover your vitality by nourishing yourself with the contagious happiness of your family and friends. Sharing good vibes and energy is the answer to how to stay connected with your loved ones these Holidays.


Style Konsult offers you some tips to connect deeply with your loved ones:

– Ask intimate, caring questions and listen to your relatives and friends. Understand how they are actually feeling and be there to comfort them and cheer for them.

– Relax and forget about all the work, responsibilities and troubles that worry you every day. Special celebrations and gatherings are for that.

– Buy meaningful presents to give to those you love. It is not a fundamental thing to do, but it is a beautiful detail to show your love for them.

– Compliment with honesty each member of your family or friends. We only seek and welcome good vibes.

– Avoid talking about politics or sports to not initiate a tense conversation. A soft mood is the best to maintain the flow during the gathering.

– Hug and kiss those who you appreciate.

– Take a moment to think about the reasons why you love them. Then, you can tell them. You will get touching and emotional reactions. At that moment, you will reach the peak of how to stay connected with your loved ones these Holidays.


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Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will listen to your concerns and aspirations to prepare you for some stylish Holidays. You can purchase one or various services that will turn you into the fashion king of the festive events and gatherings. From personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will work hard to create the perfect outfits for your winter looks.

Follow our tips on how to stay connected with your loved ones these Holidays and dress with style while you bond with your family and friends. Our Gift Card will be an awesome Holidays present to give to someone you love for their style to gleam as much as yours.

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