How to Shop Sustainable Fashion for Men

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People are getting more and more conscious about the environment and how sustainability helps preserve nature. We can take care of the planet with daily actions by following eco-friendly lifestyles. Sustainable fashion is all about buying what you need, selecting clothing made of high-quality fabrics and recycling or giving to thrift shops the clothes that you no longer wear or that are in a bad condition. The tailoring businesses and clothing manufacturers are aware of the demand for organic clothing and look for resources that respect the environment.

Fashion has to be elegant and stylish, but also ecological for the environment. Join the practice of sustainable shopping by buying quality items that will last for a long time instead of poor quality clothes at low prices. That is why Style Konsult is explaining ways to shop and wear sustainable clothing that respects the world. The international Earth Day is on April 22nd, so go green today!


Sustainable fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It produces green and eco-friendly clothing. Read the explanation below to find out how:

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– Sustainable fashion is based on awareness and an approach to fashion that takes into account the procedures and resources required to make clothes. It advocates buying better quality garments that last longer, and values the fair treatment of people, animals and the planet throughout the process. Sustainable fashion is the best way to shop consciously.

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– Fast fashion produces clothes more frequently at lower prices and quality. As a consequence, clothes are thrown away after a few uses. In the fast fashion industry, the clothing collections follow the latest trends and are designed and manufactured quickly and at cheap cost. Thus, the industry offers the consumer the possibility of accessing items at affordable prices that will not last long.


1. Buy clothes made with organic fabrics

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Once you have decided to buy an item like a suit or a shirt, choose sustainable clothing or footwear that have been manufactured with organic fabrics such as cotton and linen. Pay attention to the stamps and certificates that you will find on the product label and know what type of product you are buying.

2. Order custom-tailored clothing

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Customize your wardrobe to get chic and premium clothes that will last and that fit you perfectly. Tailored clothes are long-lasting and polish up your looks. They are not as affordable, but it is worth investing in great customized clothing to build an upscale wardrobe. Therefore, you will be able to build sophisticated outfits that suit you and that are beneficial for the planet.

3. Ask yourself what clothes you really need

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Buy the clothes that you need for daily life, work and special occasions: t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, suits, pants, shoes and accessories. Get them in the colors that suit you and that combine well with each other. Make sure to buy items that you need and love in order to make the most of them. This way, you will build a sustainable and fashionable wardrobe. Less is more!

4. Give a second chance to the clothes you have in your closet

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When you consider that you are no longer going to wear certain clothes in your closet, give those items to thrift shops or recycle them. A wardrobe consultation with an image consultant will help you select what to keep and what not. The sustainable fashion industry promotes the practice of recycling and not throwing away the items with the aim of giving them a second life. Moreover, that is a way to reduce the pollution produced in the manufacturing process of new products.

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