How To Maintain And Fill In A Patchy Beard

Fill In A Patchy Beard

One of the many struggles men go through with facial hair is not being able to grow a full beard. The inconsistency of hair growth can alter the shape and style you may be trying to obtain. Trying to promote hair follicles can take time which we may not have. Today, I will share with you how you can maintain and fill in a patchy beard instantly.

How to Fill In Your Stubble

The solution to mimic the look of natural growing hair is by using a product that portrays color. The idea comes from women who fill in their eyebrows to have a fuller and thicker brow or they are trying to create a brow shape that their hair doesn’t grow in naturally. To fill in a patchy beard, you are going to use a cosmetic eyeliner pencil to gently create hair like strokes.

Depending on the style of beard you are going for, you can draw more attention towards a specific area of the face by shaving areas that are more sparse. For example if you are focusing on a mustache, keep a clean side profile.

How to Take Care of Your Facial Hair

There are many products you can be using when grooming to maintain your beard. If you are new to using products on your facial hair, here are a few you can use to start off with.

  • Beard Oil
    • The application of a beard oil with help tame any itch or irritation you may have from your stubble.
    • Go for an alcohol free product that will keep your beard as well as your skin moisturized.
  • Beard Balm
    • The product will train your facial hair to grow in the direction you want.
    • Smooth the balm onto the hairs with your fingers and it can all disguise a patchy beard.
    • You can also use a beard brush and use the bristle to brush downwards.

If you use any of these products, I would love to see your results. Share a picture on social media and don’t forget to tag me.

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