How to Get your Personal Color of the Month

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Everyone is born with their own personal color according to each person’s date of birth. It is a theory based on statistics that has been studied and developed for thousands of years. Getting your personal color of the month is beneficial for you to learn which colors suit you and help you attract good things to your life. It is convenient to incorporate your color in your outfits and feel more confident when wearing them.

Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, took a course on how to find people’s personal colors. She just needs to know your date of birth. The results are more accurate if she also knows at which specific time you were born. However, it is not related to astrology. It is a precise and detailed method to know which color brings you positive energy and results. In order to find out which is your personal color, schedule a consultation with Jen to discover the most suitable colors for you to wear every month.

The color theory has been developed according to plenty of studies and thesis, and one of them is the Five Elements theory. It is an ancient method based on five elements of nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Those elements are connected and have different outcomes depending on how they interact.

Personal color theory

You can choose among many shades of your personal color to combine it with your clothes and accessories depending on your preferences. If your color is green, you may opt for different hues of it, such as olive tones or mint pastels. Playing around with different patterns is also a great way to start incorporating the color in your daily looks. If you usually reach for a plain white shirt, you can, instead, go for a plaid one with fine green lines. You can also accessorize with socks or ties, or even your work bag. An image consultant will advise you on how to style it properly.


Your date of birth is represented by a color that has an impact on your life. This could be the explanation behind why you feel more attracted to certain colors or why some tones cause you certain feelings of joy and others anguish. It is relevant to know which is your color so you understand the effects that it has in your life. From boosting your self-esteem to giving you energy to achieve your goals, it has the power of improving your attitude and disposition.

Colors affect you both subconsciously and consciously. Everything that exists is energy and you are feeling it all the time, even if you do not realize it. While colors are subtle energies, they are capable of changing your mood and influence the way you perceive everything that surrounds you. For example, red can give you energy, power, motivation and courage because it is an action color; whereas green makes you feel calm and relaxed.


– Red: Naturally ambitious, determined, strong, liberated, passionate and optimistic.

– Yellow: Creative, intelligent, sociable and able to express yourself through any activity, preferably creative.

– Orange: Sensitive, healthy, kind, caring and sensitive to others.

– Green: Easily adaptable to circumstances, compassionate and eager to grow.

– Blue: Honest, truthful, vital, responsible and affectionate.

– Purple: Spiritual, intuitive, sentimental and thoughtful.

– Pink: Charming, diligent and kind.

– Silver: Spontaneous, imaginative and creative.

– Gold: Unlimited potential, successful with high ideals and goals.


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