How To Get The Perfect Kiss With Your Significant Other

A kiss is an intimate experience with our loved ones. If it’s going to be the first kiss you share with someone, you are going to want it to be perfect because it is often remembered. It will either be the push to move forward or the setback for the deal-breaker. Not to worry though, we have a few tips to share to get the perfect kiss with your significant other. You are going to want to keep on reading.

Refresh your Breath

We already covered the importance of good hygiene habits for men in our previous editorial. Everything mentioned in that guide should be followed on a daily basis but I want to emphasize the importance of having fresh breath. Especially in this scenario, you want to be on top of your game. If you are on a date, your physical appearance may be spectacular but having a sour breath can lead to chances that there will be no future dates. Limit those chances by having something minty whether it be gum, mouthwash, etc.

Exfoliate your Lips

There is nothing worse than leaning in for a kiss and you or your partner having chapped lips. To easily fix this you will need to exfoliate your lips. There are plenty of great lip scrubs on the market but if you need a quick at-home solution here are a few steps to follow:

  • Moisturize with lip balm to prevent bleeding due to dry lips.
  • Take a small hand towel or a clean toothbrush and dampen it with warm water.
  • With a gentle hand, rub the wet surface in soft circular motions.
  • The texture of the towel or the bristles of the toothbrush will remove excess dry skin and promote blood flow to the area.
  • After the process, it will revealsoft lips, plumpness, and an extra tone of color.
  • Rehydrate your lips after to seal in hydration.

By starting off with a moisturized surface, the dead skin cells and flaky areas will come off a lot easier. The flaky skin will break away from the lips in a generally painless process. If you notice pulling, do not apply force to get rid of any flakiness. At this point, rehydrate your lips and let it replenish on its own.

Moisturize your Lips

Moisturizing your lips should be something you do frequently. It should be a step in your routine such as moisturizing your skin. Our body gets dehydrated in all areas so it is important to give well-rounded attention to areas that need it. Chap stick is sufficient for daily use.

If you are experiencing extra dryness, you are going to want to use a thick lip balm or apply a lip mask. This will keep the surface of your lips smooth and soft now and in the future. The perfect kiss by prince charming will always be unforgettable. With following these few steps, a sharp look styled by SUIT MAKE, and the right personality, we are confident you can land your shot in the dating game. Get out there and show them what you got!

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