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You should make the most of your wardrobe and maximize the wear of your clothing. Most people have too many clothes in their wardrobes that are hardly ever worn. Their closets are stuffed to the brim and yet many of the items are very rarely touched. This is partly a result of people not doing a closet purge every few months. It is best to keep the essentials and the accessories that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

The key point is to keep the items in their best condition so the clothes always look polished, as if they were brand new. That way, you will be able to rewear them as time passes if they still fit and suit you well. An  image consultant can teach you how to maintain your wardrobe organized and clean, as well as how to subtly rewear clothing to ensure it is receiving the wear it deserves. So, book a wardrobe consultation with Style Konsult to learn more about it.


1. Book a wardrobe consultation with an expert image consultant

It is easy to forget which clothing is kept in our closets, especially as you shift things around to adjust for the seasons. An image consultant can help you guarantee that your high-quality clothes are getting the wear they deserve. The professional will teach you how to properly combine the items in your wardrobe and make the most out of it. That way, you will save time and effort every morning when choosing your outfits for work or daily life.

In case you like to use your smartphone as an organizer and planner, we recommend you download a digital closet app. The app can help you mix and match your clothes and accessories by digitizing your wardrobe. Some digital closet apps that we recommend are: Save Your Wardrobe, Stylebook, Lookscope, Smart Closet and Cladwell.

2. Get high-quality essentials

It is very important to get a variety of essentials for your wardrobe. From good socks and underwear to a high-end collection of shirts, t-shirts, and bottoms. If you get great basics and must-have clothing, it will be much easier to build elegant and stylish outfits every day. Apart from saving time and energy, your overall image will improve and you will enhance your looks.

3. Layering is key

Knowing how to layer effectively is a key skill for dressing well and making the most of the wardrobe. A good quality button-down is the ideal companion for creating easy modifications to an outfit. Along the same lines, dressing with quality layers in mind guarantees that neutral-colored basics will be put to good use. This is an effective strategy to get the most out of all your outerwear, as well. A neutral base means that any jacket or coat will pair well with the rest of the outfit. For more professional attire, blazers can be frequently reworn in layered looks.

4. Use accessories

Accessories can upgrade an outfit and enhance your looks. A tie, belt, or cufflink make the difference. Additionally, switching up accessories is an easy and simple change to make. This could mean a shift from gold to silver metals, or the addition of key items such as a wristwatch, tie or bowtie, and a pair of glasses. For men, the difference between a clean shaven look and a 5 o’clock shadow also falls into this category. Subtle but cohesive use of accessories can significantly change the overall look of an outfit.

5. Develop a signature look

Sticking to a silhouette or a color palette can make it much more effortless to make sure all of the items in your wardrobe are compatible and easy to rewear. An image consultant is an excellent resource for building a signature look. They can also help you build your closet according to your style and looks, distributing the clothes into categories or colors. This step also contributes to the creation of a strong and successful personal brand.

Book a wardrobe consultation at Style Konsult to get expert advice from our image consultant on how to make the most of your wardrobe and maximize the wear of your clothing and accessories.

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