How to Get Ready for a First Date

First Coffee Date

Love is awaiting. Are you getting ready for a first date? Trust Style Konsult to prepare you for a perfect first date. You will enjoy that special and unforgettable moment with confidence and thrill.


People’s first impressions are very important because they make us sense the essence of every person. It also makes us perceive the level of connection. This is why first dates are so decisive. Those moments are turning points that can mark our future, since relationships tend to change lives. The person we are meeting may become the love of our life, who knows? The most relevant thing is to try to meet him/her with all our predisposition and excitement. Since people are willing to present their best version, we tend to be very self-aware and nervous during the first date.

It is very difficult to practice in advance how to be perfect on a date. Usually, everything we rehearse at home is forgotten as soon as we encounter the other. Before anything, you should feel confident. Dressing up in a genuine, neat and sophisticated way and getting out of your comfort zone will show the other person that you care and consider the occasion to be special. Of course, it will be better if we keep it real and natural by dressing in our personal style. However, using perfume or picking our favorite clothing will make the difference. For a man, a detail like using an elegant tie will make a good impact.

Here is an example of a great ‘first date look’:

Perfect first date outfit with an elegant and neat style.


Style Konsult wants to offer you some tips for you to know how to carry a conversation on the first date with authenticity, manners and respect. The first thing to take into account while getting ready for a first date and carrying a conversation is to be real.

The second point is to be a good listener. You are not the protagonist. A first date is an exchange of feelings with another human being. Listening with interest will keep the conversation absorbing and engaging. If you meet someone, that person should become your focus of attention. You will express yourself as you are, but you will get the other person’s curiosity and recognition if it flows in two directions. Looking into someone’s eyes while feeling that he/she really cares about what you say will keep the date sparkling like champagne.

Another useful tip is to break the ice with a sense of humor and wit. Like that, you will make the other person laugh and click with your personality. On the other hand, adding a bit of mystery and suspense is effective to create a romantic and seductive atmosphere. The attraction between you two will be a watershed in the relationship. A great tip is to balance the tension with relaxed and passionate talk about what you really like (hobbies, family, travel, ambitions…). That will allow the other person to see through you and prove how you have rightful intentions.

Moreover, ask open-ended questions to the other person and be willing to listen to his/her life story to comprehend his/her character better. It will develop throughout the relationship, but getting a glimpse on the first date is convenient. Overall, every first date is different and it depends on the people who meet, but talking with sweetness and flow always makes it more magical and flourishing.


Style Konsult always considers self-love and confidence a priority. We work for our clients to feel great and be the best version of themselves. We would recommend our image consulting and wardrobe consulting or personal shopping services to help our clients in the process of getting ready for a first date. You gotta be sure that you will meet the other person with conviction. With our help their first date will be a success.


Health, work and love are the main aspects of life that we cherish the most. Yet, work takes us a big part of our time and can limit us seeking free time to find love.

We must look for ourselves first. It is crucial for our mental health to know how to disconnect from work and to have fun in our free time. Stress is a cause of depression and that blocks love from coming into our lives. Once again, we remind you that loving yourself first is the key to building real love in a relationship.

To make that possible, we advise to:

– Create social habits and not limit yourself to go from work to home and vice versa. Make an effort to go out even if you feel tired because it will cheer you up and boost your energy.

– Be open-minded to live new experiences and meet new people.

– During the weekend, get out of home and explore while meeting people.

– Be confident to talk to people first.

– Attend meetup events, local community events, find interest-based groups, sports teams, or cultural events in your area.

The main point is to rethink your routine and find your true priorities. Going with the flow will draw love to your life. You never know where love awaits you. You may run into someone you fancy while hanging out with friends during a Friday night or taking a walk in the park on a Sunday morning. Always be open. Still, the most popular way to meet people in a busy life is by using dating apps. We have already talked about it on the blog entry ‘Finding your perfect match on a dating app’. You can try to find your soulmate from the sofa or bed scrolling through people’s profiles, but it is still more thrilling and inspiring to try to meet someone spontaneously.

Another planned method for dating is setting a blind date, which is also a recurrent way to meet new people in a busy life. Therefore, trusting your friend’s recommendation and having dinner with a person that someone who loves you has considered to suit you is alright. All formulas lead to love, but you never know which one will work for you. You just need to have the confidence to try. Love is around the corner. Just believe and go for it!


As an image consulting agency, we want to get directly to the point: take good care of your appearance to feel more confident. Your clothes, skin and hair matter equally. To achieve that goal, we advise that you add some distinctive and elegant elements to your look. Appearing as unique, stylish and cultivated will make you stand out. SUIT MAKE, collaborating with Style Konsult, can make that a reality. Our specialty is to design custom-made clothes for you to slay your look. Small detailed accessories like cufflinks or tasteful socks will show that you are a meticulous and thorough person, which will catch your date’s awe and wonder.

It is also fundamental that you go through a process of self-care before getting ready for a first date to look better and more relaxed. Pamper yourself and trust your image consultant and founder of Style Konsult, Jen Auh, to keep impressing your loved one.

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