How to Find your Partner on a Dating App

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Learn how to succeed in online dating to reactivate your love life with confidence and charisma. Finding your perfect match and life partner requires upgrading your image and profile. That is why an image consultant is the best professional to enhance your overall image and lifestyle so you can find the right partner with whom you will build a life together.

From the wardrobe and hair styling to the communication and behavior, an image consultant will make you become a better version of yourself and boost your confidence. Book a consultation with Style Konsult to get expert advice on how to look your best and succeed in finding a partner who shares your life values.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities of finding a partner online. The Internet and social networks have changed the way we relate to each other. However, the lack of time from a busy working schedule can be a reason for challenging to find a partner. If you are looking for genuine support and aspirational style in a partner, you must remember that it requires dedication to the relationship and that the small details really matter.

High confidence and clear communication help a lot when it comes to building lasting relationships. Upgrading your image to look polished and attractive is the first step to making the right impression. Taking care of your physical appearance, grooming yourself and improving your lifestyle are the right steps to follow in order to find a partner.


Online dating sites are specialized and segmented, so that you can search for a partner according to your life values. Other segmentations such as educational, economic and religious are more common. The first step is to create a good and attractive profile where you show your values and charisma. Read the article in which Style Konsult explains how to create the perfect dating app profile.

Once you have worked with an image consultant to improve the way you look, behave, and communicate, you should select a good dating site. It is important to take into account safety, seriousness, popularity, and user recommendations; also if they offer advice, are easy to use, and have apps compatible with social networks.

There are a series of world-famous platforms, such as Bumble, Tinder and CMB (Coffee Meets Bagle), etc. They are the new concept of the old marriage agencies. You only have to fill in some personal data and authorize its use.

  1. Choose the right app well: There are hundreds of dating apps. There are popular ones like eDarling, Meetic, Badoo… For instance, eDarling is more geared towards getting to know a couple in a serious way. You must choose the application that you consider most suitable for what you are looking for.
  2. Be clear about what kind of person you are interested in: Make a list of 5 characteristics including personality, physicality and occupations. Be honest to yourself when making the list. It helps to narrow down the right match more easily, either before or after a date. A great advantage of this type of website is the possibility of connecting with people who have the same life values as you, filtering a bit until you reach those candidates that might interest you.
  3. Don’t wait too long for the first date: If you find someone interesting, go on the first date fast. Spending weeks sending messages simply delays the process. The sooner you meet, the sooner you will start connecting and picturing your life together.
  4. Be honest with your date: If there are topics that are important to you (such as that you are looking for someone to start a family with), talk about it from the beginning. If you want something for sure and the other person doesn’t, there is no point in dragging it out.
  5. Be patient: Above all, have patience. It is not always easy, and even if some dates don’t work out. It is best to be exigent in order to find your ideal partner with whom you will build a life together. You have to keep trying if that is what you want. It is very important to understand that it takes time and effort to meet the right match.


But, before entering the world of online dating, make sure you visit multiple dating apps before registering. So you know what works for you. Also take into account the quality of the apps before buying; sometimes they are not as good as the site. These are 3 sites to consider:

  • eHarmony: Its strong point is its compatibility system. The team thoroughly studies the personality of users, based on 29 categories of analysis, related to character, sociability, autonomy, passion (romanticism), humor, appearance and spirituality, among others. They get to know users so deeply that matchmaking suggestions become much more efficient.
  • EliteSingles: For professional singles looking for serious and stable relationships. This portal uses a detailed personality test and manual verification process in order to attract high-class users. More than 90% of its members are over 30 years old and more than 80% have a university degree. Its system sorts dating by a variety of categories, including age and height, distance, desire to have children, education and income, smoking and drinking habits, ethnicity, and religion. They emphasize that privacy and security are central pillars on their site.
  • Stitch: For adults and mature people who are looking for friendship, romance or company. Unlike most dating sites, Stitch’s goal is for its users to find company, beyond a date or fun for a night, and it has strict security standards. For this, manually verify the identity of each user; it only shows results from people close to where you are and the profile photo can only be taken using the mobile application, to avoid false profiles.


Finding a compatible partner is probably one of the most defining factors in the success of a relationship. When two people share a lifestyle, objectives, and characters, the perfect symbiosis is produced in which it is possible to live a lasting love over time.

Compatibility does not mean that two people are exactly the same. One of the keys to a stable and compatible relationship is complementarity. Each person is different and the combinations are not always simple. So what aspects are important to achieve a lasting and stable relationship?

  • Respect and values: Respecting the person as who he/she is very important to achieve a healthy relationship. In this sense, when two people share values, they also achieve a good level of compatibility.
  • Communication: It is an essential aspect in a relationship. If the two people communicate honestly and clearly, there will be less misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Confidence: Confidence, in part, is the result of the two previous points. When the two components of a relationship trust each other, trust is built up and it is much easier to maintain a communicative and respectful relationship.
  • Common projects: Every relationship needs life goals which the two people work to achieve. Sharing projects, lifestyle, and conception of family life is essential to keep the flame alive.


When looking for a partner online, it is essential that you open your mind. Despite the fact that dating apps have been around for a long time, there is still a prejudice that meeting a partner online is synonymous with not being successful with more serious relationships.

At any time you face meeting new people, show the best version of yourself. This is the best way to take the first steps and meet someone who can truly be compatible with you.

Book an image consultation at Style Konsult to get expert advice on how to enhance your image and improve your lifestyle in order to appear more attractive in dating apps. Also, you will have more tools to find a great work-life balance that will allow you to date and find the right partner for your life.

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