How to Easily Keep Up with Facial Hair

Facial hair, maintain your facial hair

Facial hair is one of the image elements for most men. While growing out can look easy, maintaining and keeping up with it will require your constant care and efforts. As always, Style Konsult is here to provide you the required knowledge to become the best version of yourself, be it your face, your image, and your wardrobe as well. Here is how you can easily maintain your facial hair. Dive in!


Trimming is often overlooked because it’s opposite to your goal of growing and maintaining facial hair. But the truth is trimming at regular intervals will make your beard grow well. You can cut out the bulk parts, snip away the split ends, gives you an image of high maintenance. Ideally, you should trim it every 2-3 days.


Most of the time, beard cleaning is not given too much importance. But this might have serious consequences for both your image and your skin beneath the facial hair. Investing in some good cleansing products will help your beard look more stylish and nurtured. If you’re looking for the right grooming products, Style Konsult is here to help you pick them.


Now that you’ve maintained it by trimming and cleaning it, your beard needs styling. There are many styles available these days that can reflect your personal brand image. If you want to find out that one perfect style for your facial hair, book an appointment at Style Konsult right now.

Your facial needs as much care and attention from you. You can easily keep up with it with simple and small steps. If you need help, we’re always here with our expert grooming consultation services. Find the best suit that suits your well-maintained facial hair at SUIT MAKE.

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