How to Dress to Impress for the Holidays

A man wears an elegant winter outfit

Special events are the perfect occasion for you to wear your best outfits and dress to impress everyone with your style. This week at Style Konsult we are talking about how you can put together your winter outfits to slay for the Holidays and amaze your loved ones.


It is undeniable that we have more fun when we are confident about the outfit we are wearing. How we feel on the outside directly affects our disposition. Therefore, it is fundamental to dress well from the beginning in order to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the celebration, even more during the magical Holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the time of the year to shine as much as possible by wearing your best outfits to rise to the occasion. Do not hesitate to choose a suit or your favorite shirt. Commemorating love, family, friendship, peace and joy is the reason why you should celebrate it by being as stylish as possible.

Depending on your personality, you may be willing to dress more formally or in a casual way. Still, you must show that you care about the exceptional gathering and that you consider it precious. The Holidays are intimate and familiar, but fancy and stimulating at the same time. That must be reflected on your outfits. Celebrate with style and reveal your true fashion flair for the Holidays. You will leave your family and friends open-mouthed.


Impressing is about causing a good impact on someone and not leaving them indifferent. You can impress anyone you meet for the first time, just as you do during a first date. However, it is more exciting to impress those who have known you for a long time. A style transformation is both interesting and fascinating. Upgrading your looks and enhancing your image is nothing but a positive evolution.

Dressing to impress will only boost the compliments about how much people love your clothes, hair, smell… Everything about you will awe and thrill the others. The difference a perfume or some hairspray can make on your image is infinite. The power comes from the small but significant things. You may even become an inspiration to those who are willing to make their style evolve but find themselves stuck. Flowing to find your true essence is always a journey worth following. If you wear a distinctive and neat outfit, you will transmit confidence and joy. Then, your loved ones will be happy seeing that.


Your style will be more visible and vibrant if it is shown that you have thought carefully about your clothes. Our most valuable memories are also determined by our outfits. It is convenient that you get to feel satisfaction while planning your looks. Everything is done better with passion. So, let fashion grow on you. Style Konsult will make sure that happens. So, a useful tip is that you select an outfit which you would not normally wear during your daily life. Show a different side of yourself while being confident.

Adding some sophisticated accessories like cufflinks, lapel pins, belts or ties to your outfit will definitely improve your overall look. Your charisma will grow exponentially and no one will be able to keep their eyes away from you. Also, choosing some custom-tailored pants or good-quality shirts and sweaters will illuminate your look. The quality and fitting design of your clothes are the elementary elements for your outfit to appear immaculate. Dressing well is all about the details and how you combine them. That is why Style Konsult’s image consulting and personal shopping services will be of much help in the process of understanding how to dress properly.


The key to know how to dress to impress for the Holidays is polishing your style to the most while maintaining a friendly, fresh look. Make sure to show a refined and graceful side of yourself without exceeding too much. Of course, wearing an old pair of pants combined with a long-sleeve t-shirt will not leave a memorable impression. Finding a balance between a decorous and relaxed outfit is the way to go.

We recommend you to wear formal pants with some brogues or loafers and a shirt under a sweater on top. No hoodies or joggers are allowed for the Holidays family gatherings or special occasions. Remember that turtlenecks are a key element to add to winter’s chic clothing formula, since they make all men look more attractive.

Wearing only a classic sweater or a shirt is also okay. Layering clothes is a tip we give at all times, but keeping it simple is also effective if the clothes stand out by themselves. As well, if you are feeling chic and dashing, you can go with a black, grey or blue suit. It will make you become the focus of attention and praise.

Self-care is also important for your skin to look fine despite the cold that may dry it. Skincare products like face masks and creams will irradiate your appearance. In conclusion, take your time to pick up some clothes you love. You will feel as handsome as ever and enjoy the Holidays in an incredible mood. Embrace and show your appeal to the max!


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will give you wise advice on how to choose distinguished and fashionable clothes for your Holidays outfits. By following our tips, you will never fail to impress everyone with your decorous and exquisite looks. You will learn more about styling and get to love it.

You can purchase one or various services that will show you the right fashion path and direction. Every step will take you closer to your ideal style. From personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will work hard to create the perfect outfits for your Holidays looks. Our Gift Card will be an awesome Holidays present to give to someone you love for their style to gleam as much as yours.

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