How to Dress for the Lunar New Year Celebrations

A man wearing a blue suit for the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a festivity celebrated in many countries around the world that brings people together. The powerful and energetic tiger is the zodiac animal of the year and the Atlantic blue is the trendy color of 2022. Style Konsult is offering you fashion inspiration for you to know how to dress for the Lunar New Year celebrations and start the year in style.

Embrace the tiger in you through fashion. Read our tips about both formal and informal festive styles for men so you know how to build your ideal Lunar New Year outfit. Make beautiful memories with your family and friends while being stylish and feeling as confident as ever. Follow our advice to enhance your overall image and boost your self-esteem.


In case you are going to celebrate the Lunar New Year at a formal event, Style Konsult gives you the following fashion tips to dress with elegance and grace:

1. Get a classic elegant suit in your wardrobe

Black color is the classic option, but this year a dark blue suit will be a more appropriate choice. Both colors work great when making any dainty combination. A suit is an amazing choice, but you can just wear some pleated pants and a sweater over a shirt to look refined. The blazer is optional, too.

2. Take into account the details and combinations

Details are important, so the choice of shoes, belt and shirt must be carefully selected to obtain an excellent combination. Also, purchase customized accessories such as ties, watches and cufflinks to upgrade your sophisticated looks. The smart details take your outfits to the next level.

3. Mind the perfect fit

It is important that your suit and shirt fit you perfectly on the shoulders and on the chest when buttoning to facilitate your mobility and posture. Find the balance between a tight and loose suit to look polished. Therefore, shop custom-tailored shirts, blazers and pants to make sure that it all suits you well.

4. Pay attention to the pants and shoes

The pants should be slightly raised over the shoes with certain lightness and they must not be too tight or oversized. On the other hand, the suitable footwear for the occasion would be some loafers, brogues or Oxford shoes.


If your Lunar New Year celebration is going to be more intimate at a family gathering, a very good option is to opt for a modern semi-formal outfit. The important thing about this dressing code is to take into account every detail and manage to make the right combination in order to obtain excellent results.

Now, we are offering you some outfit recommendations that will take your festive looks to the next level. We remind you that all the items should be custom-tailored, so purchase the highest-quality customized clothing and accessories at Style Konsult. We will ship them fast directly to you.

1. Navy blue jacket, dark jeans and white sneakers.

2. Sweater with a cardigan or a blazer, chinos and well-fitting pants.

3. Knitwear combined with lace shoes.

4. A “total black” look complemented with a watch and a belt.

5. Turtleneck with gray or dark pants and comfortable brogues.

6. Leather jacket and ankle boots.

7. Dark blue shirt and black jeans which are not too tight.

These are infallible outfit combinations that will make men shine at the memorable festivity. Impress your loved ones and feel like a graceful gentleman to begin the New Year being the best version of yourself. Always be modish and chic for the most relevant, remarkable occasions. Furthermore, enhance your overall image by grooming your skin and hair. Apply some hair gel, perfume and moisturizing cream on your face before the event.

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