How to Dress for a Holiday Party at Home

People talking at a Holiday party at home

At-home parties are the perfect occasion for you to dress according to Style Konsult’s style advice: look polished and be confident in your sparkly Holiday outfits. The greatest tip we can give you to build a festive wintry outfit is that you dress warmly, cozily, elegantly, and chic.

This week we are talking about how you can figure out how to dress for a Holiday party at home by understanding the balance between fashion and comfort. We assure you that you will be more confident and relaxed while feeling juvenile and stylish if you follow our advice.


The motto of Style Konsult is to make our clients feel like the best version of themselves by dressing and grooming fittingly.  You don’t need to be a fashionista, but we can teach you to combine the best clothing items and accessories as well as applying the right skincare and hair products for you to look flawless every day.

Learning how to dress by choosing the items that suit you best is a journey that requires perseverance and devotion. Style Konsult’s job is to help you love fashion and to guide you in the process of achieving your style goals. Our image consulting, personal shopping, grooming or wardrobe consulting and other amazing services will enhance your image and confidence. Trust us to enlighten your winter style!

The essentials for each season vary, and the winter Holidays are a stage when you can have fun dressing sophisticated and homey at the same time. That is today’s point: feel polished and snuggly these Holidays. Bet on the beautiful knitwear and the wintery accessories to be dashing for the festivities. Experiment with fashion and consider receiving professional advice from image consultants like Style Konsult’s founder, Jen Auh, to never fail dressing classy.

The festive season is a hectic and exciting time of the year full of parties, gatherings and celebrations. Of course, you can repeat your outfit for some of them, but we recommend you make sure you prepare at least two elegant and comfy outfits for those special events.

The main focus you need to take into account when selecting which outfits to wear to the parties is that you have to avoid being cold or uncomfortable and that you must get out of your comfort zone to shine bright. You should be yourself and be happy with your looks no matter if the party is held at home or not and whether you are the host or the guest.


The parties/celebrations at restaurants, clubs or other outdoors locations tend to be crowded with people you are not very close with. For example, a company Christmas dinner or a festive exclusive event will be a chance for you to stand out and show yourself as confident as ever to make a good impact on others.

For those occasions, our tip is that you wear a suit or really high-quality shirt, sweater and jacket. Choose your best clothes while staying comfortable. We offer you our custom-tailored clothes for you to appear modish in those events. Shop refined and tasteful ties, belts and cufflinks to complete your smart look.

On the other hand, you have to dress as comfortably as ever if the party is held at home. There are many pretty sweaters, shirts, pants and shoes you can wear at an at-home party to look handsome and comfy being surrounded with the people you love the most.

Family and friends are not those to pretend in front of, so be true to yourself while keeping it stylish. Finding that balance is the key to winter festive fashion. Smile and beam as the Moon if the party is at night and as the Sun if the party is at day. Feel yourself and believe you have succeeded with your party look.


Now, we are going to give you specific tips on how to dress for an at-home party with the maximum style and comfort:

– Wear wintry sweaters with nice and distinctive colors such as bordeaux, dark green or orange, navy blue, beige…

– Combine the sweater with a high-quality shirt underneath to upgrade the look and make it even more elegant.

– Wear formal pants even at home. Don’t think that the home party will allow you to wear joggers.

– Don’t wear slippers to the at-home parties and, as always, we recommend you to wear brogues or loafers.

As well, apply a face mask and moisturizing cream the night before. Remember to put on some perfume and style your hair with some hairspray.


From image consulting, personal shopping, grooming or wardrobe consulting… Style Konsult offers you quick and effective services that will make you radiate style and confidence for the Holidays parties and celebrations. You can purchase one or various SK’s services, which will be of much help for you to find your true fashion potential and nail your festive looks.

Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will conduct your winter makeover and style evolution for you to be the best version of yourself these Holidays. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to someone you love in order to let their style glow and be as immaculate as yours.

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