How to Celebrate the Holidays at Work

Coworkers at work

The festive spirit has the magical power to make us want to dive into it completely. The Holidays are celebrated around the world as an event to appreciate love, life, health, peace, family and friends. Therefore, the joyfulness and cheering mood that comes with Christmas should be expanded to all the areas of our lives. We spend much time at work interacting with our coworkers, so we must also share our gratitude and high spirits during our work hours.

Style Konsult is giving you tips on how to celebrate the Holidays at work with your coworkers to make the time you spend working during the Holiday season more memorable and precious. Read carefully this article to find out how to share a merry energy and create a festive atmosphere at work.


Work can be professional and festive at the same time, so show how excited you are for Christmas and encourage your coworkers to decorate your workplace like a cozy, cheery space. A fun and Christmassy thing you can do together at work is decorating the office with a Christmas tree and lights. It is better if the decorations are not too much. Just add subtle, elegant touches for you to feel the festive vibes.

Also, it is much recommended to organize a Christmas dinner or lunch where the whole team celebrates the beautiful, happy season. We all work better if we feel great and appreciated at our workplace, so take advantage of the special event to get closer with your coworkers and make your connection grow. Also, playing Secret Santa is such a thrilling way to get to meet coworkers you are not close to yet and to make more memories with the ones you are already friends with.

If you are working from home, come up with an idea to celebrate the Holidays video calling your coworkers or eating with them even if it is through a laptop screen. We should be thoughtful and caring during the Holidays. Send your coworkers a nice Christmas card online and tell them why you appreciate them in an email. It can never get too cheesy if it is Christmas, so open your heart to transmit the festive bliss being both emotive and sweet.

It is so enjoyable to show and share your emotions during such a heartwarming celebration, even at work. Be generous and sensitive these Holidays. Take a bottle of champagne to the office and smile while saying “cheers” to the hard work you all have been doing all year long. In the end, it is an opportunity for you and your coworkers to become more human and friendly in order to consolidate the good teamwork and working dynamics you have built.


The presents you may give to your family and friends are different to the ones you are willing to gift to your coworkers since you know your loved ones better. At Style Konsult we are giving you key tips and inspiration for you to think about the ideal gifts you can give to your coworkers for Christmas.

Since Style Konsult is an image consulting and personal branding agency, we offer you a wide range of services that can bring confidence and style to your coworkers’ lives. It is an essential to dress formally and elegantly at work, so SK services are perfect to improve a professional’s image and outfits.

Consider gifting one of our services to a dear coworker that you are close with. The most convenient way to give as a present one of our image consulting, personal shopping, grooming or wardrobe consulting services to a coworker is with a SK Gift Card that will let them choose which service or product suits him/her best.

Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will work hard enhancing their image and boosting their self-esteem for them to be as confident as ever at work and during their daily life. There is not a better present than making someone more positive and self-assured.

Another Christmas gifts that you could give to your coworkers are: custom-tailored clothes, accessories such as ties and belts, skincare products, work equipment that they might need, decorations for their home, some games for their children, a coupon for them to live a cool experience or eat at a famous restaurant…


From image consulting to wardrobe consulting… Style Konsult offers you many styling, image consulting services and products to make you and the people around you shine bright during the Holiday season. You can purchase one or plenty of the services that Style Konsult offers to gift to your coworkers and loved ones.

Jen Auh will conduct the image makeovers of those you are willing to gift a life-changing style evolution to. Moreover, give our Gift Card as a present to your coworkers to let their style glow and be as sophisticated as yours. They will be able to choose among our wide range of services and products like custom-tailored clothes.

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