How to Build your Dating App Profile

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Nowadays, many people are willing to find love on the Internet either using the computer or phone apps like Tinder. It is very important that you take into account how your profile is built, which is essential to generate expectation so that potential partners feel curious about getting to know you. Navigating the complex world of dating apps can be overwhelming. After all, it is hard to decide which aspects of oneself to share online. However, there are certain guidelines to build your dating app profile in order to increase your chances of success.

You might be determined to look for love online through specific applications or websites, but you may not know how to create an attractive profile. Style Konsult is giving you some infallible tricks to build a charming dating app profile. The most important thing is that you show your true personality. But, if you look for love in these apps, it is also essential that you transmit a good first impression through your pictures.


1. Choose the right profile picture

The first thing users will see is your profile photo, so it must be a good quality image. If you upload a selfie taken with your mobile phone, make sure you appear alone. The photograph must be an unedited photo, because that way people will see you as you are. You will have more chances that people will perceive the real you without thinking that you are a pretentious and overly retouched person.

Upload more than one image if the dating app allows it. You will catch the users’ attention if they can swipe through pics that reveal many sides of you. Also, do not choose pictures in which you are with ex-partners or a lot of friends because they can be confusing. We recommend you to upload a pic that shows you wearing your favorite outfit or enjoying one of your hobbies.

2. Show your best you without overdoing it

Like most social platforms, dating apps such as Tinder are very photo-based and pictures give the most information. The biggest mistake is when people try to look perfect, and the problem with that is that it can come off as inauthentic or empty. Obviously, you want to show your best self. But, do not forget that you need to convey your true personality.

People often think they should present themselves in a way that they are not in order to look more interesting and desirable. Nevertheless, it is very important to be completely honest. Try to portray your personality in both the photos and the bio description. Show yourself doing what you like the most as well as expressing what you are looking for.

3. Upload pictures of you smiling

Attach photos of you smiling naturally. A person who appears smiling in an image seems much nicer and more reliable than someone who looks neutral or serious. If you smile, you are more likely to look friendly and approachable. Interestingly, professional photos and close-ups tend to be perceived more negatively, as do photos in which you are not looking at the camera or trying to pose.

Even if you think that putting on your best pose will get you more positive responses, you are more likely to get a yes if you show your natural side. Centered and frontal images give your potential partners a better idea of ​​your facial symmetry and other features that emerge from looking at others. The laws of attraction do not change, whether you are on Tinder, in a bar or in a coffee shop.

4. Share many sides of yourself

There are lots of people on dating apps, which means you have many different potential dates. That also means you should play your cards well to stand out from the crowd by showing several appealing sides of yourself. You can link your Instagram, add your favorite Spotify radio channel and artists or write an original bio. All of this will boost your profile.

Make people curious about you and your personality so they want to start a conversation and ask you questions. Always leave the doors open for chatting. It does not matter if it starts with “Did you visit that monument during the trip?” or “I also love that show”; the important thing is that you start a conversation in a natural way.

5. Write a good and charismatic bio

Many times, people do not stop to think about how others will interpret the signals they send through their profiles, and that is a mistake. Remember that your profile is not a resume, so you do not have to include all of your degrees and jobs. Mention only your preferences and dreams. Are you emphasizing your interests and hobbies? Have you shared how much you like to travel or enjoy a good glass of rosé wine? On the other hand, ask your friends for advice on what you should improve or add. They know you better than anyone and can help you make your profile truly reflect who you are and what you like.

Fill out your bio as much as possible to transmit your charisma. No matter how handsome you look, people will want to know something about your personality before they make up their minds. Even if your photos are impressive, potential partners are interested in reading what you have to say about yourself. When it comes to giving a yes or no, the bio is one of the few aspects that are determinant. Finally, do not forget to write without any misspelling because that will make people feel a certain rejection and lose interest in you.

6. Be honest

Above all, be real and honest. The profile is totally yours, so use it to show who you are in the way that is most comfortable for you. The most successful profiles are those that convey authenticity and honesty. For example, upload photos with animals if you really love animals or climbing a mountain in case you are adventurous. Be true both to yourself and to others. Do not be afraid of what other may think. The users who are interested in similar things as you will not hesitate to text you. The more you reflect who you really are, the more successful you will be on dating apps.

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