How to Build Meaningful Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationship

This week at Style Konsult, we are talking about love and how to build meaningful romantic relationships. In this two-part series, we reflect on how to improve your love life with a balanced and vibrant lifestyle, for which our image consutling and dating coaching services are very convenient.

How to start and carry a romantic relationship

You may be in a life stage when you have just started a love relationship or are open to experiencing one. It is important that you take into account a series of tips and that you understand how the dynamics of love work. Above all, self-confidence is essential to move the relationship forward successfully. It is very important that in a couple both partners love themselves first in order to love the other person. That way, you should be conscious of how style and self-care are elements that greatly affect your self-love. The attitude we have is deeply connected to our lifestyle and intimacy development.ou will enjoy life more and inspire your loved one once you feel great with how your life evolves.

At Style Konsult we offer services such as image consulting, personal shopping, grooming and wardrobe consulting to make sure that the client feels confident in his/her own skin. Jen Auh, an image consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries, can help you find your true essence and potential to always keep your self-love up. By implementing these tips, you can try to share your life honestly and confidently with the person you love. Then, you will be able to start sharing your passions and hobbies to build a memorable, candid and frank relationship.


As soon as you start getting closer to your loved one, the intimacy between you two will grow. Your relationship may get to a point where you keep sharing your routines and daily life, from morning to night time. Throughout all the time spent together, it is very important to listen and understand your loved one. Getting to know the person and embracing even his/her flaws are the keys to fully get to love someone.

The smallest things and the details count the most, such as knowing which perfume the other person loves or buying a face mask or supplements for your partner when he/she has had a tiring day. Those displays of affection are small actions that prove how you continuously think about your loved one and that you care about his/her well-being. That is much appreciated in a relationship. Who knows? A special present like a Style Konsult’s gift card may brighten up your loved one’s day.


Jen Auh communicates fluidly and constantly with her clients in order to understand their styling concerns and wishes. Just like that, two partners need to keep sharing their thoughts to ensure they comprehend each other’s feelings. Dating is all about caring, so communicating is much needed for the two partners to know how to love and take care of the other. Misunderstandings are one of the main reasons why many couples break up without having discussed their own emotions and struggles.

If your partner tells you that one of the trousers he/she loves is too loose, then you could surprise him/her by buying a belt. That is a small detail that shows how you carefully listened to your loved one. Keeping the exchange of thoughts up is a key point to not let a bad interpretation of actions or words end a beautiful relationship. Taking it to our field, that is something that Style Konsult always carries out to build a harmonic and effective relationship between the consultant and the client.


It is a given that you need to love a person just how that human being naturally is. Anyone can’t try to change someone just to fancy that person more. Of course, physical attraction is a relevant element to keep the relationship alive. That is why someone’s self-care is vital to not feel neglected and to continue thinking of you as someone vital and pretty. Just as we have said before, loving yourself first will make it possible for others to admire and cherish you.

However, that is not the only important thing to take into account. Love is nothing but constant dedication and exchange, not a magical trick that enchants the person you like. The things that actually count which your partner values are the ones said and done. Keep reminding the other person of how precious he/she is and how you love him/her, as well as holding hands or hugging as much as possible. Love is all about affection and consideration. That is origin for understanding how to build meaningful romantic relationships.

Also, a healthy and real relationship flows in two directions and is never stagnant. A flower needs water to bloom, just as a relationship needs love to persevere. Both partners should feel great internally and externally to keep flourishing and shining, overcoming the darker stages and always searching for the light. Just by evolving together and experiencing love’s roller coasters with patience, a relationship can harmoniously go on. For example, setting a date night at home to eat delicious food and do some skincare together is just one of many ways for the couple to spend an intimate and meaningful time. Sharing every little thing in life is the best way to exalt love.


Style Konsult offer many services which can redirect your lifestyle’s direction so that you feel more comfortable and self-assured. It will directly change your intimate life for the better. From image consulting to personal shopping, calling on those services to increase your life quality will enable you to share your life with your loved one in a neat and elegant environment. The boost of energy and the sensations it will bring you can make a remarkable difference.

It is inevitable that the way you feel reverberates on your relationship, since one’s attitude determines everything. Those are the essentials for knowing how to build meaningful romantic relationships. Therefore, Style Konsult also advises on how to become the best version of yourself, which will allow you to light your internal spark as well as your love’s glow.

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