How to Build a Last Minute Holiday Outfit

A man wears a suit as a Christmas outfit

At Style Konsult we have been preparing for the winter Holidays in advance because the event requires a special focus on fashion. Creating your festive outfits is such a fun and exciting thing to do. Visualize yourself being surrounded by Christmas lights and the people you love while slaying your looks. Could it get better?

That is why this week we want to give you advice on how to build a last minute Holiday outfit in case you have been busy to think about it ahead of time. It is never late for you to dress in order to rise to the occasion. There is not a unique formula for you to combine the perfect clothes. Interest and a bit of dedication are the keys in the process of selecting your ideal jolly outfit.


Style Konsult is always following the latest trends while keeping the classic elegance to give the right styling advice to men. Therefore, our main tip to choose a sophisticated yet original outfit to wear during the Holidays celebrations is for you to be yourself no matter what and express your own charisma.

Before anything, you must take into account that you can choose totally new clothes for your outfit or that you can reuse some of the clothes in your wardrobe to combine them with brand new ones. Contemplate every item: shirt, sweater, knitwear, pants, shoes, accessories… Ask yourself what you feel like wearing and, from there, start imagining your preferred outfit.

Nowadays, the amount of styles and clothing variety is so wide that it may be overwhelming to choose a specific sweater, trouser, turtleneck or suit for you to look your best. We advise you to search online and surf the main clothing shop’s websites to get to know this year’s hottest items. Style Konsult is one of them. That is the fastest way to shop and the most appropriate for you to compare among many clothing possibilities. You can find every detail since the Internet is an endless showcase.

Another option is to go to a mall or a shopping area in your town to check different men’s clothing offers, prices, and qualities out. This way, you will be able to try it on and be completely sure that you really fancy the items you select. It is a bit slower, but you need to make sure that you are free for a whole day just to shop. That day is enough for you to find a flawless Holiday outfit that suits you well.

Above everything, get yourself immersed in the fashion world and keep in mind what convinces you the most. If you are inspired, you will attract the most fashionable and convenient outfit ideas. Also, you have to comprehend your own style and potential. There is where Style Konsult comes into action.


Style Konsult’s purpose is to dress men to be their best version and gain confidence. The Holidays are an occasion for you to dress according to our philosophy. Nail your outfit to be in a joyful and relaxed mood during the gathering and parties. We will help you reach that goal!

Your image reflects your interior, so we will polish it up for you to shine as bright as the Christmas lights. Our wide range of services will guide you on your journey to build your last minute Holiday outfit. From image consulting, personal shopping, grooming to wardrobe consulting… Style Konsult offers you quick and effective services that will let glow for the festivities.

Jen Auh, the image consultant and founder of the agency, will study your body shapes and preferences to figure out which are the outfits that would completely suit you. You will work closely with SK’s experienced consultant to get to be gallantly and elegantly dressed from head to toes.

In case you want to lend a hand to one of your relatives or friends so they build their last minute Holiday outfit with professional advice, give them our Gift Card as a present to let their style evolve and help them dress immaculately for the gatherings and celebrations.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will work hard to investigate your essence and colors to find a distinctive outfit for your Holiday look. If it is already December and you do not have your shiny festive outfit yet, trust us to build it for you.

You can purchase one or various SK’s services that will be of much help to create the ultimate Holiday outfit. With services such as personal shopping and wardrobe consulting, Jen will conduct you through the right fashion path and you will make it to your destination: a dreamy winter outfit for the Holidays. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to someone you love in order to let their style gleam as much as yours.

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