How to Be an Attractive Man

attractive man

What does it take to be “attractive for men?” This is the question all men want answered. What truly makes you attractive is your originality. Focus on the parts of you that make you unique. Follow these steps to look and feel your most attractive.

1. Dress well

You have your own individual style. This is what makes you different. Make sure to always have your clothing clean and ironed. Never just take it out of the hamper just because it sort of smells okay. Always have a good selection to choose from in your closet. You should keep a variety of pants, shorts, shirts, suits etc. Women always look to see how a man is dressed.

2. Eat healthy

Take care of your health. Eat nutritious food and make it a habit to work out a few times a week. Staying in shape not only helps you maintain a good body, but also keeps you active, strong and healthy. Keep your diet balanced with a lot of protein and veggies on a day-to-day basis. But life is short, so make sure to have your cheat days.

3. Take care of yourself

Be sure to cover the basics. Shower daily, brush twice a day, wash your hair and so on and so forth. But you also need to go the extra mile. Always take care of your skin and keep your nails short and clean. Keep lotion and cologne handy for whenever you need a little touch up. Avoid the obvious things such as picking your nose or scratching your dandruff in public. If you’re dressed well and smell good but start doing something gross, any woman would immediately turn the other way.


1. Make women laugh with your sense of humor 

Having a great sense of humor is infallible to attract women. It could be explained by the fact that funny people are considered more social and more intelligent, traits that women look for in a partner.

2. Avoid small talk

People who ask deep questions feel more connected to each other than people who talk about superficial topics. Moreover, it is important to look into the woman’s eyes, let her talk and listen to her.

3. Talk about your feelings

Men who show emotional intelligence, who are able to accept their feelings and talk about them are more attractive to women.

4. Show your positive side

Men who show kindness openly are more likely to attract women. A great and positive personality increases attractiveness. If you enhance your nice and confident side, you will earn a lot of points.

5. Cultivate the mind

Women find cultivated men more attractive. That way, women can talk about more interesting topics with their partners and learn from them. Admiration is one of the main feelings that arise when falling in love.

6. Be attentive and thoughtful

Women really appreciate men who are considerate, think about the details and care about them a lot.

7. Show solidarity

One of the characteristics that women appreciate the most for both short and long relationships is that their partner is generous with family, friends and strangers.

8. Smell good

Your fragrance and body odor can awaken even hidden instincts in women. Wearing the right perfume will make you become more confident and attractive.

9. Watch your body language

Being expressive, genuine, and showing that you embrace your body language is attractive to women, who prefer expansive postures like opening the arms or reaching to pick something up. So, now you know: do not cross your arms when dating.


1) Be true to your own style.

2) Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel confident.

3) Follow the latest trends while keeping it classic and sophisticated.

4) Upgrade your looks with high-quality customized clothing.

5) Become more fashionable by wearing key accessories like watches or sunglasses.

6) Enhance your style with elegant long coats and turtlenecks.

7) Get well-fitting suits for the cold and warm weather.

8) Build total black looks.

9) Combine plain clothes with more original garments.

10) Keep your shoes clean.

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