How Not to Get Dumped on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day. The one day a year surrounded by an endless supply of chocolate truffles and red roses. Love and expectations cloud the air of overbooked restaurants. Men come out of their element to prove that chivalry and romance isn’t dead. We don’t want you to miss a step and have your significant other disappointed. Scroll down to ensure you don’t get dumped this Valentine’s day.

Always appreciate them

In case a reminder is needed, this should not be the only day your partner should feel loved and appreciated. The only difference between Feb 14th and every other day of the year, is adding a little extra sparkle. If this is the one day that your partner feels any form of endearment from you, they will notice and think you only care 1 out of the 365 days. Tell your partner how amazing you think they are every day and remind them that you love them. On V-day, go the extra mile by saying it while giving them a lovely bouquet or large box of chocolates. It is the little things that matter.

Make them a priority

This day is simply about you and them. Unless you want to be single, do not suggest going out with friends and avoid being on your phone during your date. Spending some one on one time with your partner is an extremely important part of keeping a strong bond.

Even if you decide to spend V-day at home watching an old movie with Chinese take-out, there should not be any other distractions that keep your mind away from them. Go out to a fine restaurant and engage in warm conversation.

Put both your phones on do not disturb and off to the side. Follow it up with a movie and dessert at home. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do if you’re both mentally present and having a good time.

Plan it out

Rather than asking your other half what they want to do, plan something out. Be sure to reserve because if you decide on doing something last minute and it doesn’t work out, your loved one will be dejected and you will be kicking yourself. If the both of you decide to have a night in, have a movie marathon with both of your favorite food choices.

Play some board games and enjoy a chill, cozy night together. If you want to add a little glamour, pretend your home is a restaurant. Dress up and cook a delicious candlelit dinner. For a simple dessert recipe, chocolate covered strawberries are always a must. If you decide to go out, grab a cocktail and satisfying dinner followed by a moonlit walk.

Ultimately, Valentine’s day is all about having a special day with your loved one doing whatever makes you both happy. Be sure to check out our image consulting on our website to help achieve the perfect V-day look . Don’t forget to follow our tips and avoid being dumped!

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