How Men Should Wash Their Face Morning and Night

Cleansing the skin is the key component towards having a beautiful complexion. It is no surprise that men would rather spend a few extra minutes elsewhere than over the sink with skincare. Think about washing your car for instance. You follow specific steps and use certain products to get a clean and sparkly result. The same applies when washing the face. I am sure a lot of men were not taught how to follow a skincare routine, let’s start with how men should wash their face.

Wash Your Face 2x A Day

Step one to achieving clear skin is washing your face. This should be done two times a day, morning when you first wake up and at night before you go to bed. Washing your face too often can create an imbalance in the skin due to the ingredients in the cleanser. It can cause irritation in the skin and create redness which we want to avoid. Keep in mind, if you take part in heavy physical activity it is ok to wash your face again to remove sweat and oil from the surface but try to stick to it twice a day.

Use A Proper Face Cleanser

Body wash or bar soaps should not be used as facial cleansers. It was not formulated for the delicate skin on your face and can cause dryness and irritation. Find a foam or gel cleanser made for your specific skin type or to target your skin concerns.

Washing The Face

Splash lukewarm warm on your face and apply a generous amount of facial cleanser to the palm of your hands. Work in the product in circular motions with your fingers until you generate a nice soapy lather. Make sure you use enough product to cover the surface of your face and your neck. Gently massage and get into all the areas of your face. Don’t be too aggressive with your movements as the skin is delicate.

After about 2 minutes, rinse off the product with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all the residue from your face. To take things further with washing your face, 2x a week you can deep clean. Use an exfoliating cleanser to remove the dead skin cells. The final step is to pat dry the skin with a clean towel.

Now that you know how men should wash their face, you should see improvement with the results of your skin. Cleansing properly will allow the skincare you apply to penetrate more effectively. Your skin will be smoother and brighter after removing the oil and dirt from the surface of the skin.

For more detailed skincare tips and one-on-one guidance, take a look at our grooming consultation! You’ll be sure to have a more youthful appearance following a personalized regimen. Until next time!

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