Honoring Women’s History Month

What is Women’s History Month?

Each year, March 1st marks the first day of Women’s History Month. In 1981, “Women’s History Week” began. It continued for the five years following that. Once 1987 came around, it was changed to a whole month. During this time, we celebrate, honor and commemorate all the incredible women who have made an impact in American History. Women have had to fight for the females in our generation to live and have the rights that we do now. If it wasn’t for them, our lives could have been very different.

Women in Fashion

Women are powerful and strong and deserve to be recognized for every single one of their achievements. The fashion industry is what it is today, thanks to influential women such as Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Diane Von Furstenberg and so many more icons. These amazing women are just a few of the people who have shaped fashion today. Both women and men fashion have evolved greatly over the years and will continue to do so.

Women’s influence in Men

Women influence men every single day in several different ways. SUIT MAKE and Style Konsult are both male focused fashion brands which are founded and led by the incredible Jen Auh. SUIT MAKE guides men to finding the best products and accessories. One ideal example from the site would be the Sooth Serum to help men keep their skin hydrated. Furthermore, Style Konsult provides them with the services they need to give them a push in their lifestyle.

Whether it be styling, grooming or lifestyle management tools. SK services are all about helping men truly become better versions of themselves. The passion and drive within women like Jen, pave the way for more female entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Women’s History Month is precisely a remarkable time to continue and honor iconic women. We are so incredibly proud of all the women who have worked hard and continue to work hard to make the world a better place.

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