Hair Care Tips for 5 Types of Men’s Hair

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Every man has a different type of hair that requires specific treatments and products to take care of it properly. The most important thing is to maintain the hair healthy and shiny. Regardless of your hair type, length or texture, it is possible for you to build a personalized hair care routine that is suitable only for you. The “wash, gel and go” hair care routine does not work. You should choose the right products and treatments that work well with your hair type. Read our hair care tips for 5 types of men’s hair to find out more.

Style Konsult recommends you to follow our advice on hair care for every different type of hair. As an introduction, we are giving you a glimpse of the main points: for dry hair, it will be necessary to apply moisturizing products with oils; for oily or fine hair, the best are lightening products with natural ingredients like chamomile or tea tree oil and, for brittle and weak hair, it is necessary to apply restoring shampoos that contain the proteins the hair needs, such as collagen and keratin. Now, we are offering you some key tips so that you understand better how to take care of your exact type of hair and groom it correctly.


1. Hair care for men with long hair

Long hair requires more care than short hair. You will need a wide-toothed comb, perfect for detangling damp hair, as well as a high-quality brush with natural bristles. Brush it every day when you wake up and go to bed. This, in addition to keeping it always untangled and tidy, will also promote natural growth.

The conditioner will be the best friend for your long hair, since it will facilitate detangling it without the need to suffer from knots. Also, cut the ends every two months so that it continues to grow healthy and the split ends are eliminated. Moreover, use a hair mask to hydrate it. Remember that shampooing is not enough to make your hair look healthy and shiny.

2. Hair care for men with curly hair

First of all, double wash your curly hair since you might apply a bit of wax or gel to style it every morning. This way you will eliminate all the dirt that is in your hair since the start of the day. We advise you to apply a small amount of mousse while the hair is still damp to define the curls. Lastly, don’t forget to add some hairspray to keep it on point. Like that, your curls will look defined and neat. Another tip is to brush your hair with a wooden brush, since plastic and metal generate too much electricity in the hair.

Furthermore, cut it often so that your hair does not get out of control. Choose a cut that is really comfortable for you and keep it flawless by visiting your hairdresser every month. The frequency will depend on how fast or slow your hair grows. In addition, curly hair tends to dry out, so don’t forget to apply a hair mask at least twice a week to prevent it from becoming brittle. Apply it along with a conditioning shampoo rich in collagen. 

3. Hair care for men with fine hair

Men with fine hair are often concerned about a lack of density and volume. That is why they need to pay special attention to the health of their hair. A good way to do it is to get a fortifying shampoo, which is essential to add strength and resistance to your hair every time you wash it. If you have fine hair, go for a brush with natural bristles that minimizes the possibility of friction or breakage. Finally, do not abuse the fixation. The more you squash it, the worse. In your case, you should combine a cut that adds volume with a product that enhances it.

4. Hair care for men with oily hair

If you have oily hair and wash it every morning or even twice a day, you are off to a bad start. Just because your hair gets oily does not mean you have to shampoo it constantly. We recommend you wash it day yes, day no. Your scalp produces more sebum if you wash your hair too often and you wish to wash it again because it seems dirty. Get out of that vicious cycle while you can. Besides, use the dryer at a safe distance with air that is not too hot and do not use the fixative hair gel to avoid revealing a greasy appearance.

5. Hair care for men with dyed hair

Switch to the special shampoo for dyed hair. It will help you protect it from external damages that could alter its color. Try not to wash it excessively and nourish it with a mask. Dyes tend to dry out, so a mask session every now and then will help keep your hair and its color in top condition. Eventually, beware of the Sun because it can lighten or change the tone of your hair.


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