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Weddings are special events in which men have to look polished and elegant. Choosing a wedding outfit requires time and care. Each item you choose should fit you well and dress you up. The important thing is that you wear a suit that is appropriate for a wedding and that enhances your style. You have to look your best to be confident and feel comfortable. A wedding is the right time to wear refined outfits and not experiment with new patterns or bright colors. A suit with a tie is always a good option.

To choose the ideal wardrobe, you must know the type of wedding as well as when and where it takes place. Seeing the invitation card is very important, since many brides and grooms already specify which is the etiquette of the event. This way, you will avoid being out of tune with the other guests. Remember that a week before the wedding, you have to choose your hairstyle and the fragrance that best suits you. It is essential to attend a wedding with a flawless overall look and great manners.


A suit is the best outfit option for all men who are invited to a wedding. You should wear a blazer and a tie or bow tie. It all depends on your taste, personal style and character.

  • The bow tie is better for an afternoon/evening wedding. For weddings that take place in the evening, it is better that you opt for dark-colored suits such as navy blue, charcoal gray or black. If you wear black, you should choose a tuxedo. It will always be ideal for the afternoon/evening weddings.
  • For a wedding that takes place on the day, we recommend you wear a suit in lighter tones like gray, beige or navy. Such colors are perfect for men who are invited to a wedding that takes place outdoors, in the countryside or on the beach.


When it comes to the accessories, the tie is the item that always enhances a men’s suit look. You must choose a tie that matches the style of the suit and that combines perfectly with the color of the shirt you are wearing, which preferably should be white. With the tie or bow tie, you must create an elegant look with a balanced and sophisticated combination. We recommend you wear a tie with a day suit. The bow tie is more appropriate for a night wedding with a tuxedo or tailcoat. In the end, it will all depend on each man’s preferences.


Shoes must be smart and made of leather. The color of the shoes should match the suit. For beige or blue suits, dark black and blue shoes or brown ones are recommended. It is very important that they are always clean and new in order for you to look impeccable. The best men’s wedding footwear are lace shoes in dark, navy blue, brown or black. The toe can be straight or rounder, it all depends on personal taste.

There are shoe designs that are very suitable and elegant, such as the Oxford or the Derby. It is convenient to put them on days in advance so that they do not squeeze the feet or cause chafing on the day of the wedding. You have to choose long and dark socks. Depending on the time of year, they will be thinner or thicker, but it is relevant that they combine well with the shoes and the overall outfit.


Also, wear more accessories to improve the look: a belt, a printed or plain handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket and a nice watch on your wrist. We advise you to wear a black suit, white shirt, tie and nice black leather shoes with some sophisticated cufflinks. For a daytime event, wear cufflinks made of cloth and metallic ones at evening/night. Wear a long-sleeved shirt in white or navy blue, beige or with a thin pinstripe or Vichy check, always in muted tones.


You can also select a two-button jacket. They are very elegant and never go out of style. Above all, you should put on a jacket that fits comfortably. Moreover, there is nothing that brings more elegance to your wedding looks than a tailored vest. So, it is important that you order a custom-tailored suit made just for you that fits you perfectly. Style Konsult offers the highest-quality customized suits for any season of the year.


  • The Italian collar: It is perfect to wear with a suit. Its open lapels and shorter ends make this type of shirt collar look great on men with a more oval face and thin neck. It is the most universal model, worn by almost all men.
  • Semi Italian or cutdown: It is similar to the previous one, but the ends are closer together and the ideal is to wear it with thinner ties.
  • Pointed neck: It is a shirt neck design from the 40’s. The visual effect it has looks much better for faces that have a round or square shape.
  • Eton or Club collar: It is the shirt that has round ends. It looks great with a more formal look, and suits all face types.
  • The American collar: This is the collar where the ends are buttoned. This type of shirt is more casual, so we only recommend wearing a tie if it is white and for a relaxed event together with a tweed jacket and some chinos.


Wedding celebrated during the day

A suit is always the best option for men. If the ceremony takes place in the morning or at noon, the best option is to get a cooler cold wool suit in navy blue, charcoal gray or tan beige. Always wear long-sleeved shirts in white, light shades of blue or beige.

Ties should not be missing, since they make the difference. It must be a tie that perfectly matches the suit, whether it is more sophisticated or original, regarding the colors and types of ties (with decorations, stripes, squares, plain). An elegant tie clip is essential. The accessories upgrade the look: a good leather belt that matches the wedding shoes, large-dial watches a handkerchief in the pocket of a jacket matching the color of the tie will give a personal touch to the masculine wedding attire.

Wedding celebrated during the night

The groom will possibly wear a classic dark suit or a tailcoat with silk lapels, which is short in front and long in back. In this case, the etiquette will most likely require that male guests wear a tuxedo or dark suit. Both outfits look great with vests. The fabrics of the men’s suit for weddings can be linen, cloth poplin or cotton. It all depends on the time of year.


Formal: The dress code for a very formal or special wedding requires a black tuxedo. You can accessorize it with a pocket square or some cufflinks.

Cocktail wedding: Wearing a men’s cocktail suit gives you a lot of freedom, but you are still expected to wear a jacket or suit (but not a tuxedo) and look smart. Don’t steal the limelight from the groom… but show off your personal and distinctive style.

No dress code: In this case, the groom and the bride trust that the guests will know how to wear polished outfits without the need to stipulate a specific look for the ceremony. Consider where the wedding will take place and the time of the day. We recommend that you wear a tie and a jacket. If it is a casual event, wear a shirt without a tie combined with chinos or dark jeans.


Spring weddings: If the weather is nice, choose a bright and unique tie or pocket square in combination with a light suit. You can also opt for a dark suit, such as a gray or navy blue one (not black), and give it a ‘spring touch’ with your accessories.

Summer wedding: Wear only light suits made of breathable fabrics and add a touch of color through a bow tie, tie or pocket square. If the wedding is outdoors and the temperatures are very high, roll your sleeves up and take off your blazer whenever possible.

Fall wedding: Dressing for a fall wedding requires planning because, just like spring, temperatures can fluctuate. Choose textured fabrics and seasonal colors to create a look that works well, like neutral browns and accessories to match fall reds and yellows.

Winter wedding: Choose a dark suit and accessories that go with the formality of the event. On top of the suit, wear a long coat that completes the elegant look and protects you from the cold.

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