The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Spring Fashion 2023

A man wears a light shirt, beige chinos and a brown belt for a spring look

Spring clothing is advantageous for many reasons, such as: it provides comfort and freshness, helps men show their charisma, move more freely and lets them vary and layer different types of clothing. Spring is considered by many as the best time for men to upgrade their style. During other seasons like winter or summer, men have to wear many layers or put on a few light clothes. That is why Style Konsult offers all the information about men’s spring fashion you need to look your best this season and build great outfit combinations.

There are many men who have no clue about how to layer and combine their clothing to make the most of their style. In order to make a good impression and look good, you do not need to dress in an extravagant way or build a never-ending wardrobe. Simplicity can be your best ally to enhance your elegance and look immaculate. Follow the following tips to look attractive with your spring outfits.


1. Wear light colors: Soft tones such as gray, blue, beige, brown and white are the most appropriate to build a spring wardrobe that refreshes your outfits and matches the spring’s atmosphere. Do not wear striking colors or patterns that are too extravagant.

Light shirts

2. Put on well-fitting clothes: You should choose clothes of the right size for your body proportions. Do not wear wide or tight clothing as it makes you look scruffy. Wearing clothes that are not your size will take all the elegance and style away. So, order custom-tailored clothes for spring. Consult with an image consultant at Style Konsult to know what fits the best for you.

Well-fitting suit

3. Combine the right accessories: Wear a watch and a belt to polish up your outfits. Remember that it is better if the shoes and the belt are the same color. This helps to preserve harmony when dressing. Those detailed considerations take the outfit to the next level.


4. Wear sunglasses: Flashy or sporty glasses do not go well with spring looks. Wear classic styles with darker colors that add to your look. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sunlight and upgrade your appearance. Hats and caps are also good and practical options for this season.

A man wearing sunglasses

5. High-quality footwear: Wearing good footwear in spring is very important to avoid bad odor and sweaty feet. The shoes must be made of high-quality and breathable fabrics. White sneakers are an undeniable essential. Leather and black sandals will also take part of men’s spring style.


6. Choose the right underwear: Wearing good underwear that makes you feel comfortable will also enhance your confidence and style. Boxers are one of the best men’s underwear items, since they provide comfort. Spring is the time of the year to wear colorful underwear with original patterns.


7. Wear items that suit you: Take your time when selecting clothes to build your spring outfits so you feel comfy and confident when wearing them. Comprehend your personality and unique style to find your true colors. Then, compare many types of clothing that suit your taste. An image consultant will help you go through that process.

A man wearing a shirt and a watch



Follow these tips to learn how to mix and match the most elegant and chic spring clothing that will make you look fashionable for the warmer weather:

1. Informal style for daily life

A casual spring outfit with a shirt and chinosA relaxed spring outfit built with a blue shirt, jeans and brogues

Chinos, jackets and t-shirts are the principal clothes of a casual spring style. Wear pastel-colored tops and combine them with brown, black and blue pants to create a soft and fresh look. Chinos are the key to this outfit. If you wear them with polo shirts, the combination will make you look fashionable. Camp collar shirts create relaxed looks and often come in fun color and pattern. They are perfect for a weekend brunch or nights out.

Do not forget that the infallible secret is to match the colors for you to highlight your own image and style. Shoes should be comfortable and classic in design, such as leather white sneakers. Accessories like watches, caps and sunglasses complete a modish men’s spring casual style.

2. Business casual style

A business casual style built with a blue blazer over a shirt and chinos

Elegance and comfort are the benefits that this type of clothing offers you. It is ideal for working in your office being stylish without losing the regulatory dress code. Wear china collar shirts instead of regular collar shirts. It is an option between wearing t-shirts and buttons down shirts. It looks both casual, especially when not wearing a tie, and professional.

To put together this look, you need a pair of chinos or straight jeans. The jeans can be of lighter tones for spring. Wear unicolor shirts which are not checkered or striped. Footwear can always vary, but we recommend the use of lace-up shoes. Add some accessories like a leather belt and a watch with a metal strap to improve the look.

3. Relaxed and chic style

A relaxed spring style built with a light shirt, jeans and loafersA casual spring outfit built with a t-shirt and chinos

This is the most relaxed and stylish outfit for men to wear in spring. It is ideal for daily life or the warmest days due to the fabric type of spring clothes such as cotton, denim and lycra. You can choose a totally relaxed look or play with the pieces and combine them with well-fitting jeans and accessories to create a more modern look. Lycra, linen or cotton t-shirts and shirts are the best option to maximize the freshness. The colors should be light and not flashy at all like white, beige, blue, green, yellow or orange. We recommend you to wear leather white sneakers or loafers to complete this look.

4. Formal style

A formal spring look built with a blue shirt under a navy blue blazer combined with pleated pants of the same color

For night or special events, men must look as good and fashionable as possible. It is fundamental for them to wear a suit made of breathable fabrics. The basic item is a shirt or fine sweater in soft colors, such as white and light blue, to be able to combine it with other darker pieces of the suit. Also, wearing a blazer is the icing on the cake. A navy blazer is a must have item for men to wear on special occasions, formal dinners or events. It can be easily mixed with black dressed trousers or matched with a pair of navy pants.

The blazer and pants look better in darker tones like gray, black and navy blue. However, in spring you can select a beige or light-colored suit. A well-knotted patterned tie in shades that match the suit adds a distinctive touch to your look. Footwear, on the other hand, must be made of leather and look neat. Oxford shoes and brogues are some of the classics that never fail. Look like a gentleman this spring!\

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