How to Groom your Beard for the Warm Weather

Man grooming his beard

Beards are a part of men’s identities and styles. They can be longer, shorter, cropped, leafy… according to each man’s preference. Many men decide to grow facial hair and groom it according to their face type and facial features.

Unlike the cold weather, the beard should be groomed with special care from the warm weather and bright sun. Apart from hydrating and protecting the skin, the facial hair should also be well taken care of. 

In spring and summer, facial hair often presents irritation, redness, and dryness due to excessive sweating. Adopt a grooming routine to make your facial hair look healthy and smooth.


In case you want to shave, it is better in summer than later in winter. Throughout the warm months of the year, facial hair and skin suffer from external agents such as chlorine, sea salt or sun exposure from outdoor activities. The good thing about shaving from time to time is renewing facial hair and oxygenating the face. Yet, maintaining facial hair in spring and summer also has advantages. Mainly, the beard helps men protect the skin of the face from UV rays. And, there are products that help keep the skin and hair hydrated without shaving.

Groom your beard shorter

A long and bushy beard can make you sweat more. Actually, a shorter beard doesn’t give extra heat to the face. It is an air chamber that helps keep your skin cooler and also protects it from the sun. The beard is a thermal insulator, so it protects you from both cold and heat.

In late spring and summer, the beard should be shorter and more hydrated. Longer beard hair may suffer from split ends, there may be a greater proliferation of bacteria, and the hair dries out, presenting a straw-colored appearance and a rough touch. The best decision is to lean towards shorter and more groomed beards, and even bet on a sophisticated mustache style.


If you decide to grow your beard during spring and summer, maintain the beard in good condition with specific shampoos, conditioners, and balms. Use products for hydration and beard hair care. Apply beard serum to shorter beards and balms to longer beards.

Wash the beard daily

The hygiene of the beard is as important as that of the hair, face, and body. You should watch your beard daily to get rid of the remains of sweat, chlorine, cream, or sand that may have accumulated on it throughout the day. It will also help your skin stay healthy as a clean beard prevents the skin from getting oily and the appearance of clogged pores.

Beard wash

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During summer, it is convenient to wash it 2 times a day. With sweat and pollution, it is easier for you to end up with a beard that will look dull and dehydrated. You should wash it both in the morning and at night with water and a beard shampoo. When taking a shower, massage it with your hands to favor the absorption of the products. Finally, comb it and apply shaving oil or coconut oil.

Protect your beard

For the beard care in spring and summer, use beard balms without alcohol and with UV protection. They are made with beeswax and essential oils. It is better that you opt for a fast-absorbing oil to avoid a shiny or too greasy effect.

Beard oil

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Using a beard oil or serum daily helps repair damage to the hair cuticle, without adding more lipids to the skin under the beard. If it gets frizzy, which usually happens in seaside areas, use waxes above all for finishing/styling.

Beard serum

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Unlike beard oils, the balm generates a protective film on the hair that protects it so you can show off a hydrated beard. In addition, the balm is fixative like wax, so it will help you maintain the silhouette of your beard on all occasions. It also contains some ingredients such as shea butter or tea tree that scare away the mosquitoes.

Beard balm

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Moreover, you should be careful with the air conditioning that can cause the beard to lose moisture. So, select specific balms with ingredients such as shea butter to keep it moisturized and soft.

Comb the beard when you get out of the water

After taking a shower or swimming, you should comb the beard well. This way, you will contribute to hair regeneration and prevent knots from forming. You will also achieve that your beard grows at a good pace and smoothly.

Beard comb

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Condition your beard

In the mornings, after washing your beard, it is convenient to treat it with a conditioner. This way, you will prevent your beard from itching during the day and achieve a feeling of freshness.

Beard conditioner

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Trim the beard often

Since your beard can generate sweating, trim it more frequently and thus encourage air to circulate better inside. After summer, you can let the beard grow to a greater extent again. Meanwhile, you can experiment with other shapes or other styles. After trimming it, always use treatment products and after shave for a soothing sensation.

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