Fun Family Activities to Do this Holiday Season

A family gathered to have fun and celebrate the Holidays

The Holiday season is the right time of the year for you to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. At the end of every year we celebrate with our family and friends that we are all together sharing precious memories and exchanging our love for each other.

That spirit should be shared to feel the warmth of the people who love and cherish us just as much as we adore them. It is the most beautiful and meaningful thing to celebrate. Make it more special by experiencing new, exciting adventures with your dearest relatives and friends. Style Konsult offers you a list of the most fun family activities to do this Holiday season. Live and share the magic!


What brings us the most bliss and emotions is to remember how we enjoyed a valuable time with “our” people. The Holidays are always a heart-warming and jolly season when we genuinely have fun and exchange good vibes with family and friends. That is why it is so important for you to relax, forget about work and focus on the moment for the festivities. Go back to how you felt when you were a kid and have a blast this year’s winter Holidays.

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This festive season is the perfect moment for you and your loved ones to go through a fashion and style evolution that will change your lives for the better and will get the best from your image potential. Share with your family and friends how the journey is going, your improvements and ambitions, your goals… and ask them for honest advice. It is an activity you can do with your loved ones that Style Konsult and Jen Auh, the image consultant and founder of the agency, will make sure to conduct in an amusing way.

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Now, we are offering you some ideas of unique and fun activities to do with your loved ones this festive season. Let your imagination flow and live magical, unforgettable Holidays with family and friends.

– Going on one-day trips to nature despite the cold: Take walks with your dearest ones in forests, fields, parks, lakes, beaches, mountains… to enjoy the autumnal and wintery landscape while having longer and deeper conversations with the people you care about the most.

– Going to the theatre or to the cinema: Culture and entertainment are the right choices if you like a plan that takes you to warm, vibrant places where you can share awe and emotions while witnessing quality productions.

– Visiting a museum or a gallery: It may sound boring, but looking at pieces of art is so much fun if you comment on them with the people you love and exchange different points of view to understand each other more and learn from their witty perceptions.

– Taking walks in the city and chatting over hot drinks in cafés: The coziest places in winter are pretty cafés where you will have a relaxing and fun time with your loved ones after walking around a beautiful city decorated with Christmas lights.

– Going to a theme park in winter: Defy the cold by riding roller coasters to feel the chilly wind on your face at high speed. Have a great time with family and friends by feeling adrenaline and bliss from the exciting, amusing surprises a theme park offers you all.

– Going to spas and saunas: Find calm and peace together by enjoying a soothing experience that is good for your body and soul.

– Playing games: You can both bond and have a lot of fun with your relatives and friends when focusing on games like bowling. Tease and cheer your competitors to laugh as loudly as ever and feel refreshed.

– Staying at home all reunited and cook a delicious meal: By cooking you have loads of fun and create yummy delicacies to enjoy together.

– Skating and skiing: The winter sports are so cool and challenging for all the family to have fun together.

– Biking: Go biking through breath-taking locations and have a picnic with the people you love to spend a lovely and healthy time together.

Parked bikes in nature

– Dancing and singing to festive songs: It does not matter if you do so at home or at a karaoke, but dancing and singing to festive music with your family and friends will guarantee that you will have a precious time together.

– Decorating the house for Christmas all together: Become artists who create festive spaces full of colors and light to celebrate the Holidays in the right atmosphere.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will make sure to offer you and your loved ones fun and beneficial image consulting and styling services that will bring joy, beauty and style to your lives. These Holidays can be a chance for you all to improve your looks and your confidence with Style Konsult’s services.

You can purchase one or various services that will make you shine for the festive season. With services such as personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will work to make the process of your image transformation a fun, life-changing experience. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to someone you love in order to let their style glow as much as yours and share the excitement.

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