Fun Activities to Celebrate Easter With Family and Friends

An Easter egg

Easter is a meaningful holiday that brings family and friends together to have fun and celebrate. Activities like painting eggs and egg racing are Easter traditions that both kids and adults enjoy. There are many ways to share a special time with your loved ones during the celebrations. That is why Style Konsult is giving you tips on fun ways to celebrate the holiday.


1. Gift Easter baskets

The baskets are important presents in any traditional Easter party.  It is lovely to receive a basket full of Easter goodies. You can buy them in stores close to the dates of the celebration.  They are already filled with treats such as candies or decorations. Put dedicated notes or cards if you are giving them to people you love. Express your affection and gratitude towards them on this holiday.

2. Go on a date

Take advantage of the special occasion to go on a date and enjoy the spring weather with your partner. Go out for a walk to observe the pretty blossoms and eat something delicious. Moreover, gift your date flowers and chocolates to celebrate your love and spring together. Since it is Easter, it would be amazing if the chocolates are shaped as little eggs or rabbits. Your loved one will love it!

3. Enjoy a day outdoors

In some places, Easter begins around the time the weather starts to warm up. If you live in a place where the holiday coincides with the beginning of spring, celebrate the holiday outdoors to enjoy the spring breeze and the warm rays of sun. Having a picnic is a great way to eat the Easter treats while enjoying the spring weather.

Spend the holiday taking a long walk along a local nature trail, park, lake or beautiful landscape. If you do not live near a wooded area, you can simply take a walk around your neighborhood with your family and friends.  For example, walk or bike to your favorite cafe instead of driving.

4. Attend an Easter brunch

Many people love Easter brunches. You can also go to a restaurant that includes a special holiday menu, but eating together with your family and friends is more special. Normally, Easter brunches have a holiday theme and the color scheme goes according to the spring season.  For example, pastel-colored plates, napkins, tablecloths and cutlery.

5. Plant to celebrate spring and new life

Since Easter is celebrated during the spring in many parts of the world, it is considered a celebration of spring and life.  Go to a local greenhouse and pick out some seeds. Plant them on your garden or in a pot indoors. Growing some new flowers or other plants can help you commemorate Easter by welcoming a new season. Do it with your family to share an unforgettable time together.

6. Take photos every year to keep the memories

Photos can be a fun way to remember the holidays. Always carry a camera, whether you are taking pictures during lunch, dinner or while doing other activities.  With the photos, you will be able to preserve your memories of this celebration for years to come.

7. Play games with family and friends

Holidays are amazing opportunities for you to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy a significant time together. Games where everyone participates are a very good option to have fun on Easter celebrations. In addition to board games, you can play traditional games like cribbage, chess, play the movies, guess the character, etc.

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