Finding Your Perfect Match on a Dating App

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Dating apps can be tough. How can you tell if someone is right for you or not simply based on a picture and a few questions? Although you can’t control exactly how each of the swipes, matches and meet ups are going to go, there are a few steps you can go through to make the experience as best as it can be for yourself and get you closer to meeting the right person. Follow these tips to find the perfect match using a dating app.


Being responsive and present is a key part of the process. If someone is showing you interest, even if they aren’t necessarily your type, always put effort and thought into carrying the conversation. Ask them questions and pay attention to the details. Remembering key things that they tell you, will make them see that you care enough to listen to what they’re saying.


Unless you’re extremely, insanely lucky, meeting the love of your life the first time you go on an app is highly unlikely. Being active and going on it a few times a week will heighten your chances of meeting your perfect match. Make it a habit to start swiping the same time every day or every other day. Plan to meet up when the conversation is going well. Dating a few people is also a part of the process!


At the end of the day, you know yourself. Noticing red flags and choosing to ignore them is quite common. Always trust your gut because most of the time, it’s probably right. Don’t be afraid to take a step back when something doesn’t feel okay. If anything, the quicker your follow your gut, the faster you will be able to find someone better for you.


Being responsive and present is a key part of the process. If someone is showing you interest, even if they aren’t n Be honest with your intentions whether it’s “friends with benefits” or a “one night stand.” Posting gym photos when you don’t typically work out, isn’t what women want to see.

Choose some new, fresh pictures that showcase the real you. When picking the images, make sure you look the same in the app as you do in person. The pictures should be of just you rather than with other girls or friends with emoji heads.


It is easy to feel discouraged when you constantly try and still don’t meet your other half. Everything happens for a reason! Keep on trying and don’t give up. Never settle for less than what you want and deserve. Some people meet their love early on, some people meet them later. It’s all just a part of life. Keep on swiping! When you’re ready for those dates, check out our personal shopping services. Let us help make the best first impression on your journey to finding love. Contact us for any questions or concerns.

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