Fall Style Transformation of Brand Ambassador Mr. Yang

Style Konsult's brand ambassador wears layered clothes for fall's cold weather

This week at Style Konsult we are talking about our brand ambassador’s style transformation throughout fall. He feels more confident and stylish dressing for the cold weather with our advice.


Mr. Richard Yang has been the brand ambassador for Style Konsult and SUIT MAKE over the course of six months. He is going through a style transformation advised by our CEO and style expert, Jen Auh. She has given him a full image makeover to improve his overall appearance. The process started in July and will continue to December.

Each month, Mr. Yang has been meeting Jen Auh to get recommendations on skincare products, wardrobe essentials, and accessories such as belts and ties. His fashion sense has become more sophisticated and tasteful. As well, he has learned how to take care of his looks to look juvenile and modern.


Richard has a dream of becoming a full-time model. He wants to progressively build his portfolio so that he can have a new career as a senior model in 5 years, after retiring from his 35+ year long career in the automotive business.

His main goal is to audition for TV shows and commercials. To succeed at this, he needs to mantain an appearance that is glowing and youthful. To help Richard reach his objectives, we are recommending him the best products and wardrobe pieces to give him a fresh and elegant new look. With our tips, Mr. Yang is starting to feel confident to make all his dreams come true.

Richard has been using a face mask that we recommended 1-2 times a week, especially before photoshoots. In addition, he has been taking dieting coffee for weight loss, which has been effective.

This week, we are sharing more positive results that Style Konsult and SUIT MAKE have helped him achieve.


In one of our meetings, we got the lovely opportunity to meet Richard’s son, Nam Young Yang. He is a voice actor and model whose end goal is to be a full-time actor. He was the one who suggested to Richard that he would get involved in modeling and acting. Today, Nam Young Yang’s advice has become a reality, since Mr. Yang is debuting as an actor performing in a K-Drama series. That is a huge achievement and a turning point in his career.

We also asked Nam Young if he noticed any changes in his father since he began his journey as our brand ambassador. He told us that, although the clothing we have isn’t usually his style, he seemed to pull it off quite well. He smoothly transformed into the new style and has adapted it into his daily life. We hope you will rejoice with us in watching Richard grow throughout his individual journey. Check out Style Konsult’s image consulting services and products, such as the self-care items, during the process. Make your style evolve like Mr. Yang’s.


Richard is progressively realizing his potential by knowing which types of styles, fabrics, and other supplies he needs wearing to look great. We are very excited to witness how delighted Richard is to have Jen improve his style and overall confidence.

During our last meeting, we asked Mr. Yang about his thoughts on what has improved the most since he started working with us. He answered that his hair is always on point and he loves it. Also, he has expressed that we keep making the difference to upgrade his style. He surely dresses better and feels healthier, as well as more luxurious and stylish in general.

He does not hesitate to affirm that we are taking his looks and outfits to the next level. Richard is following our advice thoroughly and has even started wearing perfume. That shows how motivated he is to improve his image in every possible way. Now, after a few months being advised by us, he takes special attention to the details that matter.

During fall, we have been explaining to him two main aspects: how to pose and how to wear layered clothes well. At our last photoshoot, Jen taught him that posing is a matter of practicing continuously, instead of it being a one-time thing. Richard is becoming more relaxed and letting it be shown on his face by thinking “I really am handsome”. He owns it!

Style Konsult's brand ambassador wears layered clothes for fall's cold weather

Mr. Yang looks great wearing coats, scarfs and sweaters layered with different combinations and styles. He really was born to be a model. Our custom-tailoring services can make you feel like a model walking the city streets, too. By wearing clothes that fit you perfectly, you will shine.


We are all being inspired by Mr. Yang’s style evolution. It feels really rewarding and fulfilling to see and sense how Style Konsut and SUIT MAKE services and products are helping him grow as a person and as a professional.

If you want to experience a similar styling evolution, check out our image and wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, custom-tailoring and grooming consultation services. Enhance your potential to feel full of joy and confidence. Trust your image consultant and founder of Style Konsult, Jen Auh, to keep polishing up your style.

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