Benefits of Face Sheet Masks in Men’s Skin Care Routine

Man applying a face sheet mask

One of the most effective steps to include in your daily skin care routine is applying face masks for quick and beneficial results. Adding extra care helps the skin stay healthy, revitalized, and illuminated.

What is a face mask?

A face mask is any type of formula such as cream, clay, gel or sheet, leaving on skin  for 10 to 15 minutes. Face masks include a high concentration of active ingredients which have strong and lasting results. Their effect can even last several days on the face.

Why are the benefits of face masks?

Face masks are indicated for all kinds of skin needs, from providing extra hydration to cleaning pores and impurities. They are very useful for treating the skin, especially for dry skin that needs an extra boost of hydration and oily skin to prevent pimples and blackheads. 

All kinds of face masks treat the skin deeply and leave it soft, smooth, and energized. There are face masks for all skin needs: hydrating skin, minimizing pores, improving winkles, brightening tone, and much more.

How often can you put on a face mask?

Face masks can be used daily by combining different masks according to the needs of the skin. One or two days a week for pore reduction, another day or two for moisturizing, another for luminosity, etc. For instance, hydrating face masks can be used daily, while exfoliating masks should be used once a week.

It is traditionally known that you can do it once or twice a week when you feel the skin needs it, but wearing a face mask every day has many benefits. It is a key step in night skin care routine to recover from exposure to UV rays during the day and regenerate skin cells.


  • Hydrating masks: The most common benefit is providing hydration to the skin. They keep your skin well hydrated for days. Remember that hydrating masks are not a substitute for a cream, instead they are a hydration booster.
  • Repairing masks: It calms the skin, especially after exposure to the sun or a long trip. There are also face masks that provide luminosity and firmness to the skin.
  • Cleansing masks: They purify the skin and remove excess dirt or extract impurities from the pores. These masks are for deep cleansing. Recommended a weekly use to avoid skin irritation.


Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

Purifying cleansing mask rich in antioxidant active ingredients and ideal for weekly use. It contains clay, extracts of parsley, rosehip seeds, and aloe vera. This formula removes impurities while refreshing, softening, and hydrating the skin.

Face mask

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Barbiere Acqua di Parma’s Clay Face Mask

Clay masks are perfect for absorbing impurities and removing excess oil from the skin. This contains natural clay and is enriched with lemon oil and sambucus oil. For long-lasting results, use it once a week on a clean, dry face, avoiding the eye area. Let it act for 10 minutes and remove it with lukewarm water.

Face mask

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Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Face Mask

This flash-effect hydrogel face mask contains Advanced Génifique serum technology, a unique formula that has taken 14 years to develop. It is a cocktail of active ingredients that will leave your skin softer, younger, and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Face mask

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O Natural’s Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask

This exfoliating mask is presented in a 500-gram container whose objective is to deeply clean the pores, vacuum and eliminate blackheads, and treat oily skin. This mask comes from the Dead Sea of Israel, contributing to the revitalization of the skin, treating acne and reducing wrinkles, as well as softening small scars.

Among its ingredients we also find olive oil and aloe vera that promote an increase in blood flow to the epithelial cells to achieve a more stretched, healthy and youthful skin. It can also be applied on the body. All its composition is 100% with natural ingredients.

Face mask

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ECLAT’s Charcoal Face Mask

This product is designed with natural extracts that stimulate the skin. It is made with activated carbon from its patented Acti-Steam technique, whose function is to absorb toxins and remove dirt.

Among its ingredients, there is Moroccan lava clay, which exfoliates rough skin; bamboo charcoal, that absorbs impurities; French and kaolin clay, which removes excess fat; ginger root, that soothes the skin; and ginseng, which boosts collagen.

Face mask

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Bulldog’s Bamboo Energizing Mask

Bamboo restores vitality to tired skin, which shows the signs of daily fatigue. This Bulldog mask also contains rice, seaweed and corn, which help make your face look brighter and full of life. Use it once a week or whenever you need extra care for your skin.

Face mask

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Origins’ Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey

The mixture of components of this mask ensures that your skin, in addition to being clean and free of pores, looks soft and hydrated. It contains activated bamboo charcoal that leaves the pores free of impurities. It also has three types of honey that eliminate toxins.

Face mask

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Huxley’s Good Night Sleep Mask

This Korean flagship is the only one in its market to include prickly pear oil in its formula, a cactus found in the Sahara that grows in extreme situations and. It is beneficial due to its high hydration capacity.

Face mask

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Dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes make men look older and tired. There are eye masks with caffeine, cold effects, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the eye socket. They give an extra boost to make the eyes look vitalized and illuminated.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Hydra-Gel Eye Patches Pure Luxury Lift

These eye patches contain 24-karat gold and have benefits such as a lifting effect and a firming action. Meanwhile, hydrolyzed collagen helps eliminate fine lines and caffeine eliminates that heavy eyelid feeling in the morning.

Eye mask

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Patchology’s FlashPatch PM Eye Gels

With a cocktail of boosting ingredients like retinol, squalane or arnica, these gel patches keep the skin around the eyes looking bright, smooth, and well-rested. In addition, they alleviate and reduce the signs of fatigue.

Eye mask

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Sisley’s Contour Des Yeux Masque

The luxurious formula contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E along with Arnica extract to combat dark circles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Apply a thick layer of the gel around the eye area and, after 10 minutes, gently remove the product. The mask will leave a very thin film of hydration and comfort for the whole day.

Eye mask

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Laneige’s Eye Sleeping Mask

Not all eye masks are in the form of patches or gel textures. The K-Beauty Laneige has created an eye mask formulated with a revitalizing blend of caffeine, vitamin PP, and enzymes that fights the look of fatigue and fine lines long before you’re awake.

Eye mask

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When you go to sleep, the body begins to work and regenerate. The skin carries out a cell regeneration process during these hours of rest to recover from stress, pollution, solar radiation. 

With a concentration of active ingredients greater than that of a daily treatment, night face masks increase the effectiveness of this process of cell regeneration. Today, there is a wide variety that goes from moisturizing to anti-aging.

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

With 65% rice extract, this being the first ingredient present in the INCI; Niacinamide, betaine and arginine, this overnight mask does a quadruple job: evens out complexion tone, enlivens the face, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Night mask

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Belif’s Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

Its pleasant gelatinous texture hydrates the skin and leaves it with a fresh sensation. TIP: Put it in the fridge for an extraordinary sensation of freshness.

Night mask

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Sensai’s Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Mask

This luxury night mask uses the powers of the Koishimaru Silk extract, which favors the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. The CPX Vital Advanced extract acts against dryness, expression lines, and wrinkles. Macadamia nut alleviates the effects of aging.

Night mask

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Biotherm’s Force Supreme Black Mask

This mask is made with ingredients of natural origin, among which blue algae stand out, which stimulate the recovery of the skin and make it look younger. Use it overnight to wake up in the morning with firmer and more revitalized skin. If you want to intensify the results, apply it by massaging the skin of the face.

Night mask

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