4 Essential Winter Accessories for Men

Men's Winter Accessories

High-quality stylish accessories are must-haves in men’s winter wardrobes. Accessorizing outfits is a way of adding personal style to the wardrobe and staying warm during the cold seasons of the year. Cashmere scarves, hats, and gloves are some essentials that enhance your image and protect the parts of your body that are exposed to the cold.

You should layer your outfits for the cold weather with timeless, classic men’s accessories to look attractive and elegant. Intermediate layers like sweaters and vests allow you to create chic and sophisticated looks. But, the external layers of warm winter accessories make the difference.

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1. A cashmere scarf

Scarf - Accessories

Shop Johnstons of Elgin’s Traditional Reversible Cashmere Scarf

There are many different styles of scarves for men, but the classic designs made of high-end cashmere are always a safe bet. Cashmere is a type of wool that helps keep the body warm and feels soft to the skin.

Look polished with Johnstons of Elgin’s Traditional Gunclub & Pinstripe Reversible Cashmere Scarf. It combines a traditional Gunclub Check with an elegant pinstripe in our Cashmere Reversible Scarf. This soft accessory offers two looks in one, made with the finest Cashmere fibers.

Scarfs are convenient accessories because there are many patterns and designs that suit your personal style. Also, they look great both in formal and casual outfits. You can wear it in different styles: around the neck, with a Parisian knot, with a backward knot, double knot, and more.

2. Black or brown leather gloves

Leather Gloves

Shop Dents’ ‘Shaftesbury’ gloves

Dents’ ‘Shaftesbury’ gloves, available in black and brown, are designed to work with touch-screen technology, so you won’t need to take them off when using your phone. They’re hand-sewn from supple brown leather and fully lined with cashmere to keep your hands warm on even the coldest days.

The classic leather gloves provide efficient protection from the cold due to their double layer: leather on the outside and cashmere wool on the inside. Their close-fitting design adds a touch of elegance, and they go well with both work attire and daily wear.

3. Black wool fedora hat

Fedora Hat

Shop Yves Saint Laurent’s fedora hat

A good fedora hat is a timeless accessory for men that takes the sophistication of men’s looks to the next level. Fedora hats are ideal for casual winter outfits. Choose muted models with a brim that is not so thin and curved.

Wear a fedora hat made of a wool material, such as felt. It makes you look refined and protects your head and ears from the cold. Yves Saint Laurent’s fedora hat is made from soft felt and trimmed with a traditional grosgrain brand.

4. A selection of ribbed cashmere socks

Winter Socks

Shop Tom Ford’s ribbed cashmere socks

Tom Ford’s socks are crafted from cashmere so they are both soft and breathable. The socks are made in Italy, are available in many must-have colors, and have a ribbed finish that helps them stay in place.

It is very important to have long socks for winter made of quality ribbed cashmere, since they regulate the temperature of the body. Ribbed cashmere is the star fabric for keeping the body’s heat, since they are water-proof and manage to keep the feet dry.

Select socks in basic colors as black, white, and brown so they are easier to combine with all your outfits. Then, we advise you to get colorful socks in navy, dark green, or orange tones that suit men’s winter fashion.

Book an image consultation at Style Konsult to get expert advice on how to accessorize your autumn and winter outfits. Our experienced image consultant will give you the tools to layer your outfits for the cold weather in order to stay as stylish as warm.

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