4 Essential Men’s Footwear for Summer

The temperatures have already risen and it is time to show the best trends in men’s footwear for summer 2022. Footwear is a key element of men’s fashion, since a good pair of shoes upgrade any outfit. The footwear has the power to make a man look more polished.

It is important to get a variety of high-quality formal and casual shoes for every occasion. This season, the deck shoes, sandals and high-top sneakers will star in men’s looks for the upcoming months.

In summer, the variety of footwear is wider and more colorful than in winter. The classic loafers are reinvented to face the hot months and the versatile sneakers are made of lightweight materials to help you cope with the heat. The sandals are a fresh option.

For working days in the city, there are alternatives to ankle boots or winter lace-up shoes. Loafers are ideal and they are the most sophisticated option for this season. If you don’t know how to choose and combine great shoes, we offer you an essential manual to guide you in your day to day this summer.


Summer shoes are different from winter shoes since the weather is hotter. It would not make sense to keep the feet warmer making them sweat and, in addition, the shoe catches odor. You have to find breathable designs that suit you best to stay in style throughout summer. It is important to get suitable shoes for work, formal occasions and daily life. That is why we are showing you the essential men’s shoes for the hot season.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers - Footwear

The classic white leather sneakers are a staple for the summer. They are not only easy to combine, but they can dress up or down any outfit. Brands like Lacoste and Golden Goose have timeless models. You can also opt for other colors such as navy and black.

If you want to look more stylish, get high-top sneakers from brands like Versace and Dior. In case you want comfortable shoes for daily life, brands like New Balance and Nike have neat and smart designs.

2. Loafers

Tod's Loafers Shoes - Footwear

To think of summer shoes is to think of sandals, but there are times when you have to look more polished. For a work meeting, a wedding or simply because you want to dress more formally, loafers are one of the best options.

Get a pair of loafers in black and brown tones made of leather to be comfortable and stylish. The brand Tod’s makes world-class loafers. Take a look at their website and select the ones that suit you best.

Replace the lace-up or buckle shoes with loafers to give an elevated touch to a summer outfit, or to give a casual style to a polo shirt and lightweight trousers without losing elegance.

If you have an important event or dinner this summer, it is the best option to polish up your outfits. In these cases, it is better to leave suede behind, which has a much more informal appearance, to choose designs made in leather.

3. Deck shoes

Deck shoes - Footwear

From leather to suede, they are perfect for daily wear. Every summer, deck shoes are among the essentials for vacation or weekend looks.

If there is a rainy summer where you live, deck shoes’ distinctive grooved and non-slip sole makes them a great alternative to rain boots.

Brands such as the world-renowned Sperry and Ted Baker have stylish designs. More elegant than sneakers and less formal than dress shoes, deck shoes are back this summer 2022.

4. Sandals

Sandals - Footwear

This season you will find sandals with leather straps as the most sophisticated ones. The timeless and classic designs are the most elegant. The trekking-inspired sandals with velcro straps and shovel straps are the best option for your vacation days.

We recommend you wear sandals in black and dark brown colors to look more refined. Remember that you should only wear sandals on informal occasions.

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