Effective Changes to Hydrate and Protect Your Skin

Hydrate and Protect Your Skin

The secret is out, I am 44 years young. With the many years of beauty experience under my belt, I am willing to share a few grooming tips to help you achieve youthful looking skin. As a woman in my age group, I can proudly say I am confident with my skin.

Not everyone can say this about themselves and that is ok because there is always room for improvement. Are you interested in finding your perfect image? Stop your search because I am offering a complimentary image consultation. In addition to improving yourself, today’s grooming tips will focus on changes that will hydrate and protect your skin, let’s dive in.


My biggest tip to having plump and glowing skin is to constantly hydrate it. Just as important as it is to drink a few liters of water in a day, we need to do the same for the delicate skin on our face. There are many ways to fuel your skin with hydration but what has been most beneficial for me is applying a sheet mask.

I use a sheet mask every night as a step in my skincare regimen. It may seem excessive, but we trust me, I know you can spare 15 minutes to treat yourself. Apply a sheet mask while you are responding to emails, reading a book, or even during meditation. After a few applications you will begin to see and feel that your skin is softer and brighter.

Sun Protection

At this point, I may sound like a broken record but it will not phase me because I will always preach that sunscreen is absolutely essential in everyone’s skin care routine. You have heard me say it once before and I am saying it again, apply sunscreen every single day. Even if there is a thunderstorm outside or a blizzard, sunscreen can do so much for your skin even if you think there is no sunshine in sight.

Remember this, protection is far more effective than correction. You may think to yourself; I don’t have a wrinkle or dark spot in sight but addressing it early on will only benefit you later. Think of it as you are providing a solution to a problem before it even comes to the surface. Believe me when I say you are doing yourself a big favor. If you can only choose one product to use, it will be sunscreen.

I am confident that implementing these products will hydrate and protect your skin. You will see visible results in as soon as two weeks. Share your experience with us and how these two products changed your skin condition.

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at my YouTube video related to this topic. That is all I have for you in this post, be sure to come back for more next week!

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