Do this to Reduce Hair Loss Today

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Hair loss has become a norm these days with reasons varying from diet to stress to pollution. Preventing hair fall is impossible so men across the world are trying to reduce it. As much as reducing hair loss can be daunting, Style Konsult is here to help you. We’ve brought you 3 effective ways that control the fall. Do this to reduce hair loss today!


Most of the reasons for hair fall are rooted in one simple reason- choosing the wrong hair products. Everyone’s hair is different, hence requires the products that fit the specific needs. In a plethora of hair products available in the market, finding the right ones can be intimidating. But we’ve got this covered. Our Grooming Consultation provides you with personalized hair care products that will surely help to fight hair loss.


To reduce hair loss and have lush hair, you need to make changes to your food intake as well. A healthy diet for decreasing hair includes raw vegetables, fresh herbs, lean meat, fish, and other proteins-filled food. These promote the overall growth, curb the fall and add volume to your hair.


This amazing method comes with dual benefits. Massaging your scalp decreases the pace of hair fall. It stimulates the follicles and keeps them active. In addition to preventing hair loss, massage helps you to relax and improves the overall scalp health. Remember to add essential oils and massage for a couple of minutes every day and in no time, you’ll see the changes! In recent times of increased pollution and stress levels, worrying about hair fall has translated into everyday activity.

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