Different Ways To Wear A Face Mask During COVID-19

Face Mask

Reality check, the coronavirus is still an issue and it has been going around for much longer than anyone expected. A few months ago, we thought it would all pass and a 2 week quarantine would do the trick but we were wrong. COVID is still out there but our lives won’t stop for anything or anyone. Not even for a virus as strong as this one. We must continue on with caution and stay protected with a face mask.

Wearing A Face Mask At All Times

A face mask is foreign to us, not only are we not immune to wearing one, we forget to bring them along as a daily essential. For all our lives, we were raised to remember to bring our wallet, keys, and phone when we leave the house, not a face masks. It takes some time to adjust but we must adapt to these changes for the sake of everyone around us. There are different ways to wear a mask that would be more comfortable. Keeping reading for a few suggestions.

Face Mask With Glasses

When you wear a mask, your warm breath will escapes through the top of the fabric around your nose where your glasses rest creating condensation. This will create fog around your spectacles making this an unpleasant combination. Good news, there is a solution to this problem.

If you wear glasses, when looking for a mask, make sure it is snug around your face. Look for masks with a wire over the nose bridge to tighten the gap. This will ensure it sits flush against your skin to avoid the issue.

Face Mask With Facial Hair

For the most protection, you are going to want to trim down your beard as much as possible for more coverage with your face mask. Shaving won’t prevent you from getting coronavirus but it will make it more comfortable when wearing a mask. If is it difficult to find a mask that fits, you can always resort to making your own. Be sure you are using the correct materials for maximum protection.

I know this is a difficult time for everyone. We have all made adjustments one way or another to bare with the fact of our current living situation. Stay positive and focus on things you have control over instead on dwelling on things you cannot change.

If you are now working from home, take a look at our article on how you can maximum you work experience outside of an office. Until next time!

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