6 Key Tips to Clean and Organize your Closet – Guide from Stylist

A well-built closet after a wardrobe cleaning

Your closet is a representation of your style and lifestyle, so it must be organized and well-built. You should feel like there is harmony and a logical order in your wardrobe. In case there is some chaos in your closet, it is time for you to purge your closet to easily find the clothes that you fancy and that look good on you. Wearing old clothes that are in a bad condition will make you look scruffy and old-fashioned, but building outfits with new, high-quality clothes that suit and fit you will boost your style. Keep in mind that you should clean and organize your closet every 6 months to refresh it for the change of season and style yourself better.

It is convenient to classify the clothes by color range and fabric. A wardrobe can never be built by mixing pants with shirts, accessories with jackets… As well, mixing colors will only confuse you when creating outfits. Therefore, you should donate the clothes you do not need and keep the most fashionable and new clothing in your wardrobe. Style Konsult wardrobe consulting service will be very helpful for you to do a closet purge for spring with the advice of a professional image consultant who will evaluate your wardrobe and decide which pieces need to be added or updated.


An image consultant will give you expert guidance to clean and organize your wardrobe in the most efficient way. It will be beneficial for so many reasons, such as saving space in the closet. After a wardrobe cleaning, it will be much easier and faster for you to find the right outfit to wear in the morning, which will make you feel better and generate less rush and stress.

After you learn how to clean your closet with an expert, you will have to do it by yourself from time to time. We recommend you to do it every time a season changes because you will have to replace the clothes that are more appropriate for that season’s weather. Here are some tips and tricks for effective wardrobe cleaning:

1. Sort the clothes by type of item

In the case of men, the main items to sort out are: shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets and coats, vests, pants and shorts. Coats are usually kept in another closet because they take up a lot of space. And underwear, socks, sportswear and accessories should be separated from the rest.

2. Sort the garments by color range

Classify the clothes from light to dark if your wardrobe is made up mostly of neutral tones. If it is colorful, distribute it by shades. When sorting the clothes by color, you create a well-organized wardrobe that will make it much easier for you to build your outfit every morning. The tones are one of the main aspects to take into account when combining clothes.

3. Mind the placement of the clothes

Depending on your wardrobe’s shape and size, you have to think about how to store everything efficiently. Observe how many sweaters, coats, t-shirts and pants you have. For example, shirts should always be hung because it is a rough fabric that wrinkles when it is folded in a drawer. T-shirts always have to go folded in the drawers, except for those made of viscose or linen, since they wrinkle when folded. As well, sweaters should be folded in drawers or on shelves.

It is best if you hang your bottoms. If there is not enough hanging space in your closet, you can take the pants and jeans, fold them and store them in the drawer, as well as the denim jackets and thick cotton fabrics such as a demi-season jacket. At this point, it is important to bear in mind that the size of our closet will mark the order of how you store our clothes. Not everyone has the same number of clothes: there are people who have 20 sweaters, others only 4. Starting from there, we will seek harmony and efficiency.

4. Make piles of clothes to clean your wardrobe

Once you have everything arranged and tidy, you will begin to pick up garment by garment and decide what to do with it. Do not worry because it is an investment of time. Every time you pick up an item that you have not worn for years, you will move it to another place where you will store the clothes you do not want anymore. Clothes are clothes, they can be renewed and you cannot cling to them. Renewing clothes is one of the best feelings. The accessories and shoes must also be checked.

– Pile of clothes to keep: Keep the garments that you wear often, fit you well and that make you feel comfortable and confident.

– Pile of clothes to donate: If you feel like a shirt is nice but you have not worn it in the last 1 year, it is time to take it out of your wardrobe. Also, get rid of the clothes that do not fit you anymore. Be consistent and free up space by donating or giving away the clothes that you no longer use.

– The “trash” pile: The best thing is to try again the clothes that generate doubts. If you see that some clothes have holes, smell or their colors have faded, you should just recycle them or throw them away in the clothing bin.

5. Donate or recycle the clothes you will no longer wear

Once you have all the clothes piled up in a place close to your closet -for example, the bed-, you should store the ones you want to get rid of in resistant bags and donate, sell, recycle or give them away. But make sure to never throw it away as many people may need it. You can also take advantage of the cotton fabric that you are no longer going to use to make homemade masks and avoid the spread of Covid-19 or cleaning cloths.

Remember; do not throw away your clothes, but instead:

– Donate: Clothes in good condition can be donated so that others can give them a second life. In most towns in our country there are containers dedicated to the collection of used clothing. You can get information at the green point or at your local town hall.

– Recycle: Take the items of clothing you want to get rid of to a recycling bin that specializes in clothing. These clothes will go to factories that will reuse the fabrics or to NGOs that will donate them to people who need them.

6. List the new clothes you need to shop

This step is a key stage of the wardrobe cleaning process, but it is not easy. You must be very clear about what you need after cleaning. Think about what your styling needs are, whether it is a comprehensive renovation, a slight renovation or simply a facelift. Replace what you have gotten rid of and buy new, high-end clothes. An image consultant will select neat and elegant clothes for you.

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