Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month

When is it

Every year, on February 1 marks the first day of Black History month. During this time, we commemorate important people and events in African American history. This month is a look back to recognize how African Americans have contributed to the country. The United States undoubtedly, would not be the country it is today without the influence of African American culture.

What is it

Black History month, also known as African American History month was started by the Father of Black History, Carter G. Woodson. This influential man wanted younger black people to truly understand their heritage and how history came to be. Originally, it was only during the second week of February to recognize Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass birthdays. They both individually played a crucial part in the movement. President Gerald Ford created it into an entire month in 1976 because he felt that a week was not a long enough time to honor. African Americans have in many ways, created the foundation of our current nation.

How we feel

We are all equal and we stand together side by side. Race and heritage does not make you any different or above one another. Each one of us are living, breathing human beings in the same world. We are proud to embrace different cultures every single day.

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