8 Men’s Grooming Tips for New Year’s Eve

A man applying cream on his face

New Year’s Eve is the best moment of the year to take care of your skin and hair to look your best while welcoming the exciting year ahead. Treat yourself in order to end 2021 looking youthful and feeling great. Follow Style Konsult advice on how to groom yourself for New Year’s Eve to make […]

Mens Winter Fashion Tips and Style Guide for 2021

men style, faux pas, fashion tips

As the leaves turn and the air gets cooler, fashion starts to change all over again. From shorts to pants, short sleeves to long sleeves, and sandals to boots, the colder weather calls for new fashion tips and trends for men. In this article, we talk about different tips you should follow and faux pas […]

How to Easily Keep Up with Facial Hair

Facial hair, maintain your facial hair

Facial hair is one of the image elements for most men. While growing out can look easy, maintaining and keeping up with it will require your constant care and efforts. As always, Style Konsult is here to provide you the required knowledge to become the best version of yourself, be it your face, your image, and your […]

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles to Stay Cool

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Summer is here already! While many of you are busy sifting through your wardrobes to pick summer outfits, you might be overlooking one important aspect of your style. Yeah, exactly, your hairstyle. Style Konsult is here to guide you to choose the best hairstyle that will make you look both fresh and stylish. Here are the top […]

Jen’s Must Haves

Jen must have

Jen Auh, the incredible mind behind SUIT MAKE and Style Konsult, has amazing advice when it comes to men’s essentials. She genuinely cares about men feeling and looking their absolute best all the time. Take a look at Jen’s top must haves and essential items. Must have #1 Meditamin Snow Glow Taking care of your […]

Classic Pieces that Never Go Out of Style

leather jacket

Men’s fashion is always evolving and transforming. Additionally, new colors, styles and textures are always being brought to the picture. It can be a challenge to keep up especially if you’re not big on following fashion. Here are some classic pieces that never go out of style. Class piece #1: Leather jacket The leather jacket […]

How to Be an Attractive Man

attractive man

What does it take to be “attractive for men?” This is the question all men want answered. What truly makes you attractive is your originality. Focus on the parts of you that make you unique. Follow these steps to look and feel your most attractive. 1. Dress well You have your own individual style. This […]

The Best Way To Make A Good First Impression

A Good First Impression

As terrifying as it may sound, you get one chance to make a good first impression. Within several seconds, a glance at your overall appearance can spark an interest or have you blending in with the rest of the crowd. You want to be the one to stand out. To achieve this, you always want […]

How To Dress For Business Meetings ft. Seoul Z Magazine

We got the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Seoul Z Magazine. A little bit about their company, they are a media website promoting small businesses located in Korea. I am honored to be a part of their series of articles in which I share my tips and secrets on how men can become the […]

Everything Men Need to Know About Wearing Cologne


A good scent is an invisible part of our personal style. It connects with your senses and has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. A lot of men do not wear a fragrance on a daily basis which means you are missing out on the benefits a cologne can provide. The […]