Key Tips to Build an Efficient and Comfortable Office

The office is like a second home to most people who spend more than 8 hours at their workplace every day. Achieving comfort and concentration after several hours of work may be a challenge, which is why the decoration of the office is important. All the elements that surround you, from the lighting to the furniture in your office, affect your work performance. The best option is to book the services of a professional image consultant that is specialized in home and office styling who can help you style and organize your workplace in an efficient and aesthetic way.

Choose a style that goes with your personality when styling your office. After all, you are going to spend a good part of your day in the office, so make it the place you want to be in every day. Tidiness and order are essential for concentration and creativity to flow when working. Take the time to organize your workplace in a way that helps you stay focused and style the office to your liking, defining your style and character in it. You can also place objects and decorative elements that fill you with positive energy.


Decoration has been proved to have a direct influence on people’s mood and that it also increases productivity and morale, and improves creativity. A well-styled office inspires you and helps you focus on your work with much more productivity. If your office looks good and has all the equipment you need, you will be more comfortable and work better. Ergonomic science is about the process of designing and arranging great workplaces. A good office decoration shows a 45% increase in creativity, productivity increases by up to 38% and the general feeling of well-being of employees increases by up to 47%.

The first thing that must be taken into account is the design and the quality of all the materials of the furniture, and the colors have to match the color and design of the place. As well, the office must have decorative objects that show your charisma and unique personality. We recommend you to include flowers and plants as part of the decoration because they fill the office with harmony, color and a special aroma.

Regarding the colors, blue or green are excellent stimulants for creativity. There are certain colors such as black, purple or gray that cause the opposite effect. Furthermore, the lighting is very important so that the elements mentioned above can shine and perform their function. Trying to find a balance between artificial and natural light is ideal. It is recommended not to abuse artificial light.

Natural light is essential for an employee to work with greater vitality, so the best is to design offices in such a way that everyone can have direct access to natural light. This helps recharge serotonin and work better. Finally, choosing a good chair and table that adapts 100% to your needs and physiology is vital for you to perform much better.

In addition, it is proven that music is an incentive, so using it for the benefit of the setting can be a success for the harmony of the office. For instance, the noise produced by water sources promotes peace, creativity and health. Look for those aspects that inspire you to work in an optimal and comfortable way. Create a beautiful and functional office that makes your work with extra motivation.

We have recently moved to a new office. Here are the pictures of the before and after for you to see a great example of office styling.


Office before


Office after


1. Good natural lighting

Build an office that motivates you to start working every day. Then, you will be more comfortable and do an efficient job. It is essential that the office has one or plenty of windows that let in natural light. Good natural lightning makes the office seem bigger and brighter, as well as boosting the overall morale of the workers. Install blinds and curtains to prevent the lighting from getting too intense. If that is not possible, make sure that you place good artificial lighting in a good position to avoid reflections on the screen so as not to strain the eyes. We recommend that your workplace has more than one point of light.

On the other hand, it is important that the office is not too oversaturated in color to increase calmness and concentration. The walls should be a color that motivates and inspires you when it comes to getting going and working. We advise you to keep a chromatic harmony with the rest of the furniture and elements of your office. White never fails and helps the space look clean and uncluttered. Another color that favors concentration is light blue, and some details in red and orange stimulate creativity.

2. Furniture placement

It is fundamental to create an ergonomic workplace by dedicating time to the placement of the furniture and the organization of the office. The office space has to be open and bright. So, do not oversaturate the space with too much furniture or bold colors. Distribute the tables, chairs and storage so that there is enough space to move freely around the office. As well, make sure that the desk is placed close to a window so you have enough natural light.

To do this, you will need to buy a comfortable desk chair. It is important that it offers good support, and is adjustable in height. In addition, the office chair you choose must adapt to both your body and the characteristics of your desk. In this way, you can work comfortably for hours. The best chair is an ergonomic height-adjustable model with backrest that adapts to the back, which is wide to protect your lower back and has good armrests. A base of wheels will also help to move it easily and avoid injuries and muscle strain.

The table has to be large enough for you to support your forearms and wrists. The computer should occupy the main position on the table and place it in front of you. You should place the screen as far away from you as possible, at a minimum distance of 40 cm. Adjusting the height of the table, check that the top edge of the screen is at or below eye level. Between the keyboard and the edge of the table should be at least 10 cm to support the wrists. For peripherals (printer, speakers, document tray), it is better that you provide a drawer area so that they do not bother you when you work.

Of course, a good table and a good chair are essential. Choose a table based on the use you make of the computer, taking into account if you are going to spend a lot of time in front of it, talk on the phone or write. The essential thing is that you get a table with a depth of 75 cm or more, allowing you to meet the requirement of supporting your forearms, as well as being able to stretch your legs or raise them a little.

3. Resting area

Employees who work in offices with resting areas are more productive. This is confirmed by several studies that have shown that an office lounge can improve employee productivity. The brain and the body work much better if they are well rested. While you are at work, you may need to take short breaks to clear your mind and develop a new perspective. Keep in mind that a resting area requires an attractive design to give it the right vibe. In addition to being a good place to relax at work, a resting area can also be used for activities such as group meetings or a discussion area between departments working on a project.

Creativity and productivity sometimes require taking your eyes off screens and stretching your legs. Communication and personal relationships in the workplace are key to the well-being of workers and to the daily activity of companies. Chatting and socializing with colleagues frees the mind. The employees’ mood improves with just a 15-minute break for tea or coffee.

The resting area should have a coffee corner, fridge, sofas, tables and chairs. These spaces, which can be used for resting but also for working, are ideal for employees to spend time talking with their colleagues. It is a place where you can have breakfast and lunch and where you can also talk about non-work related topics. Also, terraces and outdoor spaces are great to bathe in the sunlight and breathe fresh air. Style the space with furniture designed specifically for terraces, such as benches.

4. Fresh scent

The smells influence your mental activity and mood, so you can play with aromatherapy: citrus aromas for memory and good spirits, mint for energy and rosemary and jasmine for positivity and reducing tiredness. Likewise, a ventilated room is essential for your health. Make sure to open the windows and ventilate your workplace regularly. It is easy to improve indoor air quality by adding an air purifier, air filter, or natural plants. With natural plants, you achieve a greater release of oxygen and humidity, which improves the quality of the air around you. On the other hand, an air purifier is an excellent and affordable option to reduce odors, remove suspended particles, pollen or dust. Also, get an air conditioning system in your office to regulate the temperature as you wish and improve your performance.

5. Storage options

Having a tidy office and desk is fundamental to get a clear mind. Being organized allows you to be more efficient with your work. To do this, we suggest you look for functional solutions that help you have everything in order. You will locate things faster and it will allow you to do your tasks effectively. Adding a desk organizer, chest of drawers or cable organizer will help you keep all your tools and documents in their place. You can combine open or closed storage so you store those objects that you use less regularly and expose those that you need to have close at hand.

Shelves have a clear advantage over other forms of storage because they provide quick access to everything since you can always see what is inside and get what you need. For this reason, they offer the advantage of not overloading the space and are ideal for small offices. They can be metallic or made of wood to match with the wall and other office furniture so that they go more unnoticed.

The office cabinets are designed to coordinate with the tables so that the office is elegant and practical at the same time. There are different heights and configurations depending on what type of storage in the office you want to prioritize, and if you want to have it all hidden or leave some part visible for quicker access. In addition, having drawers is a good way to take advantage of the space and to have office supplies at hand and in order.

Finally, office filing cabinets are very important. Its metal structure helps protect the most confidential and important documents of a company safely. You can find flame retardant models that are very resistant. The lock helps to safeguard the information so that you can maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

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