Brand Ambassador’s Winter Style Evolution

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit

Style Konsult brand ambassador, Mr. Richard Yang, has gone through a process of image enhancing and style transformation that has gotten better as the seasons have gone by. Winter is around the corner and he is already prepared to always dress with elegance and grace for the cold weather.

The agency’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, has taught Mr. Yang the best tips for him to upgrade his style to become the full-time model and actor he aspires to be. Get to know Style Konsult brand ambassador’s winter style evolution and the details of his successful fashion growth.


Mr. Richard Yang has been the brand ambassador for Style Konsult and SUIT MAKE over the course of six months. He is going through a style transformation that started in July and will continue until December. Each month, Mr. Yang has been meeting Jen Auh to get recommendations on skincare products, wardrobe essentials, tips for modelling and style directions.

Richard has a dream of becoming a full-time model. He wants to progressively build his portfolio so that he can have a new career as a senior model in 5 years, after retiring from his 35+ year long career in the automotive business. His main goal is to audition for TV shows and commercials.

Mr. Yang has gotten closer to his ultimate target, since he is debuting as an actor performing in a K-Drama series. That is a huge achievement and a turning point in his career. To keep succeeding at this, he needs to make sure his appearance is always glowing and youthful.

With our help and tips, Mr. Yang is starting to feel truly confident to make all his dreams come true. Richard has been using a face mask that we recommended 1-2 times a week, especially before photoshoots. In addition, he has been taking dieting coffee for weight loss, which has worked.

Richard is experiencing a style quantum leap and a huge step forward to find his true identity by realizing all of his potential. He has trusted Style Konsult and gotten his positive results. Now, his breakthrough is peaking for winter. Keep reading to know how he is achieving his objectives with us.


During our last photoshoot with Mr. Yang, it was shown how his complexion and style have been improved since he has worked with Style Konsult. Both his appearance and his charisma have been getting more vital and juvenile since he started his transformation with us. He keeps expressing how satisfied he is with the outcomes so far. His confidence is totally boosted. It proves how effective personalized image consulting is.

Also, we have helped Richard polishing his posing skills for the photoshoots. He really wanted to learn how to pose like a real model. So, we collaborated with Julien Beak, a fashion photographer who used to work in Paris for beauty and fashion look books. Julien showed Mr. Yang how to pose and improved his stand and posture for better angels. He looked so much better with the photographer’s directions.

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit

Mr. Yang is glowing much more as time goes by because he is becoming more conscious of how important it is to keep his skin healthy, his style on point and his confidence up. We have advised him to work hard on all those aspects, and the results have been marvelous. Attitude determines everything. Get inspiration form him and start your style breakthrough today!

It is never late to start experimenting with new outfits and ways of styling so you can refine the way you dress and look. Try adding colors and textures to your outfits, applying face masks and moisturizing creams on your skin, wearing coats and more accessories… You just need to develop an ambition to keep revamping your image and boosting your confidence.


Just as Mr. Yang has been learning with Style Konsult, there are a few tips and essentials to keep being stylish during winter. Every season of the year demands different clothing, skincare and wardrobe distribution.

He has realized that taking care of every detail of his outfit is necessary for him to dress well every day of winter. No matter if he is going grocery shopping or to an interview, he will always look like a neat gentleman if he takes into account what he has learned from us.

The cold season requires more clothing layers and accessories that must be rightly chosen. Your shirts, sweaters, high-necks, knitwear, coats, jackets, pants and shoes are as important as your scarves, hats and gloves. Selecting quality items to combine well is the key to successfully dress for winter. Turn the streets into your own catwalk!

Style Konsult offers you a wide range of services to improve your overall winter look like image consulting, personal shopping, grooming and wardrobe consulting. Follow Mr. Yang’s steps to become the best version of yourself and reach the next level in fashion.

The main point is to put all your effort and dedication into transforming your beauty, style routines and habits in order to evolve and be more confident. You will feel healthier and fresher if you take special care of yourself. Hydrate your skin, use coats, accessories and elegant winter clothes to go through winter with immaculate looks.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will advise you on how to dress and choose the best winter outfits, just like she has done with Mr. Yang. Following our tips, you will sense a genuine style development that will make you feel like a flower blooming in the middle of the winter snow.

You can purchase one or various services that will be convenient to take advantage of your potential and make you shine during winter. From personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will work hard to create the ideal outfits for your winter looks. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to someone you love in order to let their style gleam as much as Mr. Yang’s.

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