Wear these Semi-Casual Styles to Look Powerful

Wear these Semi-Casual Styles to Look Powerful


wear these semi-casual styles to look powerful
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When presenting yourself in a professional setting, giving off an aura of power will help others see you as a qualified and competent person. In an age where semi-casual fashion is king, it’s essential to choose the right styles and exude power to have people take you seriously. If you want your peers to see a capable and well-dressed professional when they look at you, read on with Style Konsult and wear these semi-casual styles to look powerful.

White Shirt and Chinos

For semi-casual fashion, there’s nothing more reliable than a quality pair of chinos. While chinos can match with most shirt colors and fashions, stick to a plain white shirt to maintain an air of professionalism in your style. For summertime, opt for a lightweight linen shirt that will help you stay cool. Feel free to roll up your sleeves in a more casual workplace for a relaxed look.

Double-Breasted Jacket

If all your semi-casual styles are at the cleaners, there’s a foolproof way to dress up your casual clothing. All you need to do is throw on a double-breasted jacket to quickly add a little formality to your t-shirt and white leather sneakers. This style will help you beat the heat during the summer while giving off an easy, relaxed vibe that emanates power. Just be sure that your t-shirt is a clean, solid color to enhance the look of your double-breasted jacket.

Loafers and Cuffed Trousers

For the finishing touches on your semi-casual power outfit, choose the stylish and summer-friendly loafer shoe. Pair these with invisible socks and your feet will stay cool while maintaining a relaxed yet professional style. In addition, you can roll up the bottom of your trousers to show some ankle and elongate your look. Shoes are just as important as your shirt and pants when it comes to fashion, don’t get caught wearing the wrong semi-casual styles. If you want to give off powerful energy when conducting business, Style Konsult can help. Our Image Consulting service will help you perfect not only your professional appearance, but also your confidence and communication.