Labor Day Fashion Tips for Men

Labor Day Fashion Tips for Men


Labor Day Fashion Tips for Men
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In this blog, we’ll discuss how to navigate color pairing with the color white, how to utilize white clothing to accentuate parts of your body, and how to wear white with the confidence of knowing you can navigate the possibility of it getting stained.

With Labor Day coming in shortly, let’s discuss the statement you make when you wear the color white and how you can easily improve its presence in your wardrobe. While white can appear sterile and stale, when executed at its best, white conveys an utmost sense of confidence and that is a powerful tool you want to hold in your arsenal.

White is the most versatile color you can wear and by wearing it, you show people that no matter what your day throws at you, you know you will rise through unstained, unscathed, and unbothered. White also has a way of drawing in the attention of those around you and once you have that attention, you want to be able to seal the deal by making sure the rest of what you’re wearing is worth looking at. Because it can be used in any style, knowing exactly how to deliver isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Follow these three tips to ensure you wear white with confidence this Labor Day.

Cheat a little!

If you are aiming to wear white this Labor Day or any other day it’s appropriate, consider adding depth to your outfit by meshing in various shades of off-white like bone, alabaster, or, for a slightly yellow tint, cream. However, another suggestion is to break up the white with muted colors like shades of grey or tan. It isn’t recommended to wear pure black with pure white as both colors are intense enough to spar with each other in an outfit (unless, of course, you’re going to a black-tie event), but muted shades of grey can fit their way into a formal outfit for both formal and casual occasions.

One suggestion is to wear a white shirt, but to complement it with a pair of off-white or grey jeans or chinos for a more casual or formal look respectively. For an outfit that bridges the gap into semi-formal/semi-casual territory for a luxurious night out with friends, wear a pair of white chinos and a white button up shirt with a beige button up vest and blazer, all well-tailored for your body. The look can be topped off with a pair of tan oxfords.

Another way to break up a monochromatic all-white outfit and add intrigue to the style is to use accessories. A good option would be a belt that falls somewhere between the colors brown and orange coupled with a matching pair of boots or shoes.

Use white to accentuate parts of your body

Because white clothing is so elegant while also having the benefit of showing off more of the human form than other colors do, they’re a great way to impress a date with the work you’ve put into your personal appearance. You deserve to take pride in yourself and any time and dedication you’ve put into your physical image, but you also don’t want to come off as inappropriate or raunchy. That’s exactly where white clothing can benefit you!

For instance, if you have muscular upper arms, one idea would be to take a cue from Marlon Brando and wear a muscle cut, short sleeved white t-shirt. To make the classic white t-shirt less casual, tuck it into a pair of cream colored or dark grey pants. Avoid jeans if you’re going for the less casual look. You could also pull off the same effect with a white polo shirt.

Alternatively, and more formally, add some mystery to the mix with a white button up shirt with longer sleeves folder up to right below your elbows. This is enough to accentuate the musculature of your arms and promise that the rest is worth waiting to see.

Avoiding Stains

 One of the reasons wearing white provides a feeling of confidence is because in some ways, it does take a lot of bravery to wear white clothing. Let’s face it, white is the easiest color to accrue stains and the signs of a life lived fully, but there are ways to weather this challenge gracefully so that you can fully embrace the level of confidence you deserve.

There’s always a jacket, coat, or blazer to complement the look you’re going for and all of these can add a layer of security so that you can carry forward with that meeting with your client, that date, or that casual night out with friends without fear chipping away at you. A leather jacket, for instance, is brilliantly matched with an edgier look for a night out. For a formal look, utilize a well-fitted dark-colored peacoat or blazer to complete the style and give you an option for mitigating any possible staining.

If you feel the need to carry anything with you to help you navigate the possibility of accruing such stains without them putting a hamper on your night or day, carry a leather bag with you that you can put anything you need inside. A rustic, tan leather satchel is one option that can achieve that function and that goes well with white clothing during your day-to-day life or at work. Using a black leather satchel complements a more laid-back look if you’re going out for the night with some friends.

We hope that these tips help you to feel sure of what to wear this Labor Day or on any other day you choose to utilize white in your wardrobe, but for more personalized attention, Style Konsult offers image, wardrobe, and branding consultations to help you become your best self and build the style you need to meet every single goal.