Top 3 Outdoor Group Activities for Men

Top 3 Outdoor Group Activities for Men


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If you’re an outdoorsy guy, there’s no better time than summer to bring your pals on a nature-filled adventure. Nature has a positive impact on mental and physical health, and it’s a great opportunity to bond with your mates. Keep active this summer with the top 3 outdoor group activities for men brought to you by Style Konsult.

Group Hike

Hiking is a fantastic, low-impact way to keep your body feeling healthy. Trail difficulty can range from beginner to advanced, so there’s plenty of options for all experience levels. In addition, hiking with friends can provide moral support if you’re new to hiking or trying to get into shape. Feel the “hiker’s high” with the support of your mates, and enjoy amazing views that your friend group will reminisce on for years to come.

Camping & Grilling

Getting a group of friends together and relying on your outdoors expertise is a great way to create bonding experiences. Build a fire without matches, build a shelter from the elements—or just park an RV and relax—there’s no wrong way to camp and have fun with friends. Sharing stories around a campfire is sure to bring back memories and create new ones.

Competitive Fishing

For competitive groups, fishing is the perfect way to show off your fishing prowess or who got the biggest catch. Fishing requires that you are completely in tune with nature, so it’s a great hobby if you’re looking to really immerse yourself in the elements. Whether you undock a boat or shore fish, you’re sure to have a fun time with friends no matter what.