How to Host a Scotch Tasting Party with Friends

How to Host a Scotch Tasting Party with Friends


host a scotch tasting party
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Share your love for scotch whisky with friends and host a tasting party with the help of Style Konsult. Turn your friends into scotch connoisseurs and create memories for years to come with this fun and unique group activity for men. Continue reading to learn how to host a memorable scotch tasting party with friends.

Prepare your Home for Guests

Before sending out invitations, it’s important to make sure that your home has the proper environment for hosting guests. Inviting friends to hang out in a home that isn’t designed with guests in mind will create an unpleasant atmosphere for the event. Create a space where you can both entertain guests and live comfortably.

Gather Scotch Tasting Supplies

Don’t let your friends sip fine whisky out of coffee mugs or wine glasses. Obtain rocks glasses, tumblers, or Glencairn glasses to ensure the proper tasting experience. Be sure to prepare snacks for the party to help avoid your guests from becoming too inebriated. Good snack choices to pair with scotch are cheese, smoked meats, chocolates, and crackers. Finally, gather four to eight easy-to-drink scotch whisky varieties for tasting.

Have Drink Discussions

While the scotch itself is a wonderful way to get everyone together, the discussion is where true memories will be made. Share your thoughts and opinions on each drink and learn more about the whiskies along the way. You don’t have to limit your conversation to just scotch talk, though. Catching up with friends and reminiscing over a glass of whisky is a recipe for an amazing party that will be talked about for years.