How to Be an Image Consultant: Interview with Jen Auh

How to Be an Image Consultant: Interview with Jen Auh


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Image consulting is a professional field that aims to help clients improve their lifestyle through appearance, behavior, and communication changes. Founder of Style Konsult and SUIT MAKE, Jen Auh, recently spoke to the Fashion Design students of Ewha Womans University on “How to Be an Image Consultant.” We sat down with Jen following her lecture and asked her questions regarding her experience as an image consultant.

Why did you become an image consultant for men?

“When I lived in the U.S., I worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over 20 years. Knowing my experience in the industry, a friend who was having trouble dressing properly at work asked me for help. Before I knew it, I was giving this client a full style transformation as an image consultant would. Once mutual friends saw how much my client had changed, many friends started coming to me asking for my services. I realized that, while women tend to have some idea of how to shop for themselves, men almost never know how to go about developing their style. So that is why I chose to focus on helping men through my image consulting.”

What do you want to achieve as an image consultant in the future?

“Within five years, I want my business to become the best image consulting company in the U.S. Image consulting is a fast-growing industry—there are over 200,000 image consultants on LinkedIn alone—but most of them are solo practitioners. I want to hire these consultants and create a company where they can network, share resources, and form a community. I want Style Konsult to become a place where image consultants can source custom-tailored clothing, get training, and gain support when building their own business.”

What advice do you have for aspiring image consultants?

“Build a network now. Image consulting is about coaching clients with all the tools available to you and everything you know. Image is not just about appearance, but also behavior and communication. You need to be able to refer clients to the best doctors, dermatologists, hair stylists, personal trainers, and so on. For example, let’s say you have a client who comes in and needs a new hairstyle. If you don’t know of a reliable hair stylist to send the client to, you’ve wasted everyone’s time. You need to have your own network of people to best serve your clients. This takes a lot of time, so it’s important to begin right now.

“The other thing you must do is practice, practice, practice. I practice every day by walking and studying people’s outfits, visualizing what changes they could make to improve their image. Everyone’s different—different heights, weights, skin colors, and needs—so you have to practice consulting differing people to become successful.” We thank Jen Auh for talking with us about what it takes to become a successful image consultant. If you are in need of a style transformation, make the change today with an Image Consultation.