Get Summer Ready with a Grooming Consultation

Get Summer Ready with a Grooming Consultation


Man Getting Summer Ready with Grooming Consultation
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Summer style means short sleeves and swim shorts, so a freshly groomed beach body is key to looking amazing during the summertime. Wear your summer outfits proudly with the latest and greatest hair and skincare products, personalized for you. Style Konsult is here to let you know why you should get summer ready with a Grooming Consultation from us.

Protection from the Sun

Spending more time out in the summer sun comes with an increased risk of sun damage. Prolonged sun exposure is one of the biggest risk factors for aging skin. We want your skin to look radiant and youthful for as long as possible, which is why we will provide you with top of the line sun protection products. In addition to these sunscreens, we offer fully personalized skincare routines, providing various anti-aging products to keep your skin glowing.

Hair and Facial Hair

Hair care is extremely important for summertime, not only for style, but to keep you from overheating. If located in the Seoul area, Style Konsult offers hair, eyebrow, and beard care appointments. If not, we will ship a customized grooming package to you with detailed instructions on how to utilize the products correctly. Stay on top of your hair care and turn heads this summer.

Summer Body Supplements

If your summer goal is to shed some winter weight or introduce more essential vitamins into your life, we’ve got you covered. Our Grooming Consultation includes nourishing supplements that will help you attain your summer body goals and make you look amazing in your outfits for summer. Take care of your health and your body will reward you for your efforts. Take pride in your skin and hair this summer with Style Konsult.