Get 3 Easy-Care Plants for a Green Home

Get 3 Easy-Care Plants for a Green Home


Easy-Care Snake Plant for Green Home
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Interior design is all about creating a positive environment to feel comfortable and relaxed in. Turn your home into a space you’re proud to show others. One of the ways we do this is through “planterior” design, where we implement lush greenery for a cozy feel. This Earth Day, check out how plants benefit your health and discover three easy-care plants to create a green home.

Plants and Your Health

Many people are aware that plants reduce carbon dioxide and boost oxygen, but not many know that this improved air quality can result in higher energy levels. Similarly, plants have also been shown to reduce stress, regulate humidity, and even eliminate chemicals given off by synthetic products. Style Konsult will help you integrate plants into your home so you can create a more inviting atmosphere and breathe fresher air.

Various Green Plants

Succulents Add Masculine Energy

These famously indestructible plants are fantastic table toppers that need very little water to survive. Ideal for a sunny windowsill or desk area, succulents offer a big boost of oxygen while creating a cool, offbeat vibe for your home. Cacti, snake plants, and ZZ plants are popular succulents that are incredibly easy to care for.

Hang Pothos for a Striking Effect

Pothos is a fast-growing and forgiving plant that’s perfect for beginners. This trailing plant prefers somewhat dry soil so infrequent watering isn’t an issue. In addition, it can tolerate low-light conditions. Pothos can cling onto surfaces and be trained to grow in any direction, so many different designs can be created.

Chinese Evergreen Plants

Chinese Evergreens for Bold Patterns

Chinese Evergreen is a resilient plant which comes in various different patterns and colors. Fantastic as large floor plants, these offer a pop of color and can lighten up dark, barren corners. We’ll match plants and patterns to your home’s interior to create eye-catching effects.

Planterior design is a great way to add warmth to your home while also offering numerous health benefits. Let Style Konsult spruce up your space with our Home Decorating service, or check out SUIT MAKE to discover the newest grooming products. Download the Clubhouse app and follow @jen.auh for more style and image tips.