Winter outfit with layered clothes

The cold weather season is the right time for you to have fun layering clothes and feel as elegant as ever. It is a must to combine your winter clothing in a neat and distinctive way to be both sheltered from the cold and stylish.

At Style Konsult we are talking about what layering clothes really is and how you can make the most of it. Find out the best tips in our Essential Winter Layering Guide and Outfits for Men 2021.




Layering is the superposition of clothing layers to wear. This technique, which is in full swing, is practical and very versatile in times of cold or variable weather. It is possible to wear layered looks with a multitude of styles and garments if you learn to combine them. The result is the most chic.

First of all, you have to take into account that the clothing items’ quality, color and shape are the most relevant aspect in layering, just as the ingredients are the most important part in cooking.

Creating the right outfit for every occasion is an art that needs to be perfected with time and dedication. You should put effort into thinking about the best fashion fusions to look immaculate. That is why Style Konsult offers you the advice of our image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, to take you on the right track and give you tools to help you get to know your wardrobe well.

If you feel like there is space for you to improve your outfits and your fashion sense, we recommend you to schedule an image and wardrobe consultation or a personal shopping service with us. As well, we can create the ideal custom-tailored clothes for you to have an infallible and beautiful wardrobe.

Getting high-quality clothes will save you from dressing poorly. A simply sophisticated coat or sweater will complete a smart look. Starting from this point, you will probably face some dilemmas every morning when you choose the clothes to layer. The key is to gain confidence and believe in your style potential.

To find your own style and express it well, you should go through some sessions with a professional in the field like Jen Auh. She will analyze your charisma and features to comprehend your personal style and explain it to you. Do not limit yourself by only searching it online.

Once you understand that part, you will be able to pick up a sweater, a chic turtleneck, a waistcoat, a jacket and a scarf feeling convinced and happy about your finished outfit.

It is an awesome feeling to be poised because you love what you are wearing!




Layering clothes is a fun habit that you should carry out every morning or the night before with optimism and bliss. 

The starting point is to stare at your wardrobe for a couple of minutes to scan your clothes. From your bottoms to your shirts, you should go over everything. 

Then, you got to think about which kind of outfit you are looking for: formal to go to the office, casual to go out with friends, elegant to meet your date…

Each occasion demands for different suitable outfits. Comprehending that is the fundamental fashion concept. Once you have internalized that, you have to evolve to be more unique and original with your looks.

If you want to get the most out of your silhouette, bet on mixing volumes and textures. Go ahead and combine wool, leather or suede garments in the same look.




We recommend you to start picking the bottom when creating your outfit for the day. The pants make the difference and severely determine which sweater or shirt you should pick later.

The bottom basics are dark jeans for more relaxed days and pleated pants for special events or work. The materials make the difference when it comes to the sensation people have when looking at your outfit.


Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears the right pants to harmonize the outfit


Fashion is all about the perception and the idea we create in our minds about the person who is wearing the outfit. That is why it is so important to choose well nad follow our best instincts if we want to be perceived just as we are.

A specific tip we want to share with you is that white is kind of a forbidden color for winter bottoms, but beiges and black ones are crucial for men’s wardrobes. Moreover, it is quite common that men live in joggers to feel comfy. Yet, it is better to only wear them at home or to work out.


Upper part


After that, you will want to start layering your shirt, sweater, turtleneck, waistcoat or knitwear. Above all, your shirts, sweaters and jackets must adapt perfectly to your body shape and fit you like a glove.

The best thing is to get plenty of black, white, grey, blue and brown clothing to combine easily and effectively. Some greens and bordeaux pieces are also basics. Other more striking and jazzy colors like orange or red are amazing if you want to dress modern and juvenile. It depends on the person.


Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter look

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears an orange sweater on a black shirt for a juvenile and elegant winter look


It is better if you buy both clothes with lighter and darker tones to combine them with harmony. We are seeking a balance. The hues and tones should be subtly distinct. The white-black combo is always an intelligent and safe choice.


Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears winter outfits

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears two different combinations of layered clothes with balanced colors


Besides, knitwear is an excellent item for winter. It has its cozy side, but it also upgrades men’s outfits for them to be more thoughtful and trendy. The jacket to pick most of the days for winter would be a long coat. It makes men look flawless and classy, just like a gentleman.

However, if you do not identify with that style, a shorter one is fine as long as it is a good-quality denim, fleece, waxed cotton jacket or parka. A leather motorcycle jacket or trench coats are also good options for concrete looks.


Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears three layers with a great jacket for the perfect winter look


It all varies depending on the occasion and your plan. Still, do not mix fancy clothes with very casual ones and the other way round. It is a matter of common sense.




Winter fashion opens up a whole universe of clothing choices that may seem tricky, but it is actually favorable.

That applies to the accessories and the shoes, for which a man should develop a taste and intuition to pick the correct ones. A great tie or belt makes you shine and gives you a distinctive aura.

Shoes should match the outfit and vice versa. Even so, a recent trend that has developed consists of combining trainers with suits or other formal clothes. That is a modern way of wearing a neat and fresh look at the same time. It is always better to keep it safe and simple, but innovating is also a must in fashion.

Also, when the weather gets really cold, a scarf and some gloves are indispensable for protecting yourself from the freezing weather and keeping your winter look stylish. For example, a cashmere or silky scarf is a soft and decorous fashion hit.

When it comes to headgear, a basic beanie or a beret will keep you warm when the temperature drops. A hat is a highlight for many outfits, but you should be confident wearing it. If you feel hesitant about hats, then do not wear them. It is kind of a signature. Those quality details will differentiate you from others.




Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will evaluate and level up your style. You can purchase one or various services that will let you realize your fashion potential to wear stunning outfits throughout winter. From personal shopping to wardrobe consulting, Jen will focus on your style’s flaws and turn them into strengths.

Jen Auh will explain to you which clothing item you need and teach you how to combine them to get the most out of them. Base your outfits on our Essential Winter Layering Guide and Outfits for Men 2021 and you will shine bright regardless of the cold.

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