Easily Go from Day to Night with these Styles

Easily Go from Day to Night with these Styles


easily go from day to night with these styles
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The work week is done and it’s time to transform your daytime office wear into a nighttime-ready outfit. If you’re confused about how to seamlessly transition your attire between day and night, Style Konsult is here to help. Through our Wardrobe Consulting, you will learn how to build outfits for every occasion and easily go from daytime to nighttime styles.

Versatile Chinos

Chinos are the essential semi-casual office pants. They can match with virtually any color or style of shirt, so they offer a lot of versatility when it comes to day-to-night fashion. Style Konsult will assist you in finding the perfect pair of chinos that fits your style and body properly. You can wear a good pair of chinos from dawn to dusk and not have to worry about changing your pants in between the office and the bar.

Lose the Tie

If you opted to wear a tie for your work day, transitioning from day to night will be as easy as tucking it away in your car or desk. While ties are an office staple, they may come across as a bit stuffy and formal for a night out. If your late night destination is an upscale spot, you can keep the blazer that you wore to work for the evening festivities. Your blazer should properly color coordinate with your chinos for the best looking attire.

Change of Shoes

Walking around in a pair of oxfords on your night out is probably one of the least fun things you could do. Your office desk should always have an extra pair of shoes tucked away for quick changes. In the summertime, keep a pair of casual loafers stored away. For colder seasons, a chukka or desert boot is a great after-work option. Our Wardrobe Consultations will show you how to pair the right shoes with any outfit. Don’t stress about transitioning from day to night attire.